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Dan’s surprise BBCAN 11 nominations, plus fractures and friend-zoning

Dan’s surprise BBCAN 11 nominations, plus fractures and friend-zoning
Shanaya, Hope, Anika, and Kuzie sing and dance in the BBCAN11 kitchen

After no Big Brother Canada 11 video drop on Sunday, Monday’s was only an hour and ten minutes, taped on Sunday, and it delivered some news.

One person sitting on a poop table talking to another person
Ty and Santina talk game in the pool room on BBCAN11

Today’s DD opened with Renee discovering Zach had left his underwear by her makeup—yuck.

We learned that Dan had nominated Renee and Hope for eviction.

Correction, March 21: My mistake: Dan actually nominated Hope and Renee. Most of the talks were about whether or not to evict Rob, so I mistakenly assumed he was already nominated but that wasn’t the case. Unfortunately, this error makes some of the following speculation moot or downright wrong. My apologies.

Both names were surprising to me since most thought he wouldn’t put up Renee as the two of them had been on the block together last week, and Dan told Rob before his pre-noms meeting rounds not to worry. In fact, Rob was the only one he made any kind of guarantee to—at least that we saw.

Since we didn’t see those pre-noms meetings and again, have rarely seen much of Dan at all on either the show or the Digital Dailies, there’s no way to know what his intentions are.

If Rob was a placeholder to get Dan’s true target backdoored with the veto (whoever that might be), why would he bother to assure Rob he didn’t have anything to worry about, just a few hours before the nominations ceremony? More problems with only getting part of the story.

And we saw Dan and Rob working out together. There didn’t seem to be any tangible tension between them, but it had been quite awhile since Dan put Rob on the block, and maybe both were just concentrating on their workout. Or maybe the video only kicked on after they’d talked game. There’s just no way to know.

We learned that Zach had won the veto. It was the second or third DD without seeing much of Zach which is also surprising. Not that I’m complaining—his arrogance is just not good watching—but he’s been the golden boy in the TV edits and now as the veto holder, he’ll continue getting a lot of airtime on the shows.

The veto comp was some sort of puzzle, and a little birdie told me this one was sponsored by Philips, who supplies their electric toothbrushes. So maybe there was an oral care theme to the comp. We’ll find out more on Wednesday’s veto show.

Apparently Rob is the target to boot for many of them now. Santina told Kuzie she’d prefer Renee go instead, but they didn’t seem to think that was a possibility and neither wanted to get on the wrong side of “the house.”

They agreed Zach would continue to run things the longer he stays, but of course he’s guaranteed himself at least one more week now by winning the veto.

Santina also had lengthy gametalks with Jonathan, and with Ty. Ty told her he considers her part of the guys’ group but she said Zach knows she doesn’t trust him. Ty said the tension between Zach and Rob had caused some fractures in their group and that he (Ty) feels stuck in the middle right now.

He said he can’t trust Rob, and that the house was on board to evict him. And he said with Zach winning veto, it’ll keep a target on him as a power player, and doubly so if he ends up using the veto.

Hope was in better spirits than usual. The last we saw, he was wanting to go on the block so he could go home, but today he was leading a song and dance during food prep.

He seemed to be having a generally great time and said he was looking forward to the next HOH comp. So I guess his head is back in the game, at least for now.

Three people sitting together; the person in the middle looks upset
Claudia and Renee console Shanaya on BBCAN11’s March 20, 2023, Digital Dailies.

Shanaya told Rob she’s rarely attracted to someone immediately like she was to him, and it was driving her crazy not knowing where he stands with her. She said she didn’t come here to showmance (although she did answer showmance to the pre-show interview question “showmance or nomance”).

Rob thanked her for sharing that, and said he didn’t want to lead her on, and he apologized if he had inadvertently done that. He said she’s a great girl and hopes they can stay good with each other both in the house and after the show.

He went on to discuss at length how his position in the game had changed, connections he thought he had made weren’t relevant anymore, and the resulting paranoia made him unsure how to proceed with her and with everyone.

Shanaya said she does have his back in there and he asked her to let him know if she’s going to vote to evict him.

Shanaya then reported to Anika, Claudia, Renee “ugh, I just got friendzoned!” And she retold the relationship parts of her convo with Rob, but not his concerns about his position in the game. She said the whole thing was now just embarrassing.

Claudia and Renee consoled her with hugs, she got teary a few times, and Renee gave her props for having been open and vulnerable about pursuing something with Rob, even if it didn’t develop into something.

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