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Big Brother Canada drops Digital Dailies but managed to air an episode

Big Brother Canada drops Digital Dailies but managed to air an episode
Vanessa and Santina were nominated by new HOH Kuzie on BBCAN11 episode 9. (Image via Global)

I was ready to dive in to Big Brother Canada 11’s Digital Daily Tuesday morning, with veto meeting results and reactions, but it wasn’t there.

Then I saw that the show tweeted this:

“There will not be a Digital Daily release for the next few days.”


Rumors kicked off, like they do, that maybe someone had quit or been kicked off. I suspect it was more a case of they wanted to prevent us seeing Zach go on the block so we’d watch the air shows, since that will be a highly anticipated and delicious event, whether it comes now or later in the season.

But now we won’t even know for sure if he did go up as renom this week until the end of Wednesday’s show or even the start of Thursday’s, if they postpone airing the veto meeting til the start of the eviction episode again.

Regardless, I’m glad they at least posted a notice so we wouldn’t be sitting around waiting and wondering, which was the traditional BBCan way of doing business in the past. I only wonder how many days “the next few days” means. On to Tuesday’s episode.

A sign that says "Sorry bro, we're CLOSED," overtop black and white blurry images of men
BBCAN11’s Bros & Co alliance is done, kind of like the Digital Dailies this week

The intro segment had a nice moment after recapping Rob’s eviction, showing their prior BROS & CO graphic with a “Sorry bro, we’re CLOSED” sign over it.

No matter what else happens from here on out, we’ll always have that.

There were multiple segments of hamsters wondering who cast the two rogue votes last week, with accusations flying everywhere.

Daniel was blamed by some and he got fired up angry about that, and Vanessa also acted irritated when fingers pointed at her, but she actually was one of the votes. She had a Diary segment saying she was stirring the pot, and you have to love anyone who does that in BB.

And Vanessa also had a conversation with Renee where she said “I’m pissed because my gut says Jackass was behind [the vote]” and Renee asked “which one?” Boom.

The Head of Household comp was Croquet All Day, and it was a good one. They had to lay tiles down a long rail to create a track to whack an oversize croquet ball down and through a wicket at the end.

It was tricky to get the tiles to balance on the rail to start with, and worse when they started taking their shots. The tiles went flopping and wobbling as the balls rolled over them, and invariably fell off, so they had to re-lay them before they could shoot again.

Kuzie was the first to get her tiles placed just so and get a good hit that went all the way, winning the HOH.

Ty said “I feel I just won” when Kuzie did, which irritated Claudia. She later told that to Anika, adding she’d thought she could work with him but now she didn’t, and she said he has a “terribly cocky attitude.”

That’s factual, as we know, but no word on this episode if that has or will affect Claudia’s flirtmance with Ty or not.

Then came the weekly extended sponcon segment with Kuzie’s HOH room, pics, and goodies, along with her new Winners outfit and related screaming. She picked Daniel to be her guest for Wendy’s breakfast, which was served up by Season 9’s Victoria “Spicy Vee” Woghiren, who Kuzie was thrilled to meet.

A person standing in a window under a sign that says "Now Serving Breakfast." They're in a Wendy's hat and smiling with arms wide
BBCAN season 9’s Victoria “Spicy Vee” Woghiren served Wendy’s breakfast to this week’s HOH, Kuzie

Kuzie said in Diary sessions she wanted to work with the women and she met with Anika, Claudia, Renee, Shanaya to talk about nominations prospects and to make their alliance official. Kuzie later said “we are in power together” in the Diary Room.

The other women in the house, Santina and Vanessa, weren’t included. And Daniel and Kuzie christened their alliance with Anika The Shady Bunch.

Then came more segments about the rogue votes speculation, and clips from Kuzie’s pre-nom meetings with Santina, Anika, Ty.

The safety vote winner was revealed to them, and Jonathan was touched and grateful to have won it. He didn’t need it this week and now can’t win it again, but I’m not surprised he got this one.

Atlantic Canadians historically do well in BB Canada viewer votes, and now both he and Claudia have proven that again.

And Jonathan had a rough week last week, taking the bros’ betrayal and Rob’s eviction to heart, and he had a number of emotional and sincere Diaries about that to tug at viewer heartstrings.

Then it was time for noms. Kuzie nominated Vanessa and Santina, and Santina took the seat with attitude and a massive eyeroll.

I know. I hear you: but Dingo, you said Hope and Santina were nominated in your March 27 post! Yes, yes I did, and I apologize for that error.

I did question how Hope had come to be nominated in that post, and later mentioned he’d thanked Kuzie “for putting him up” so he could play for veto. Maybe she picked him to play for veto and that’s where that came from? I don’t know.

I also said in that post I assumed Vanessa won the viewer safety vote because her name didn’t come up in any talks about being a potential post-veto renom, and we now know that’s because she was already on the block, and I’m face-palming all over the place here. I did mention Jonathan might also have won that vote so I was only half wrong on that one.

I guess I could blame the Digital Dailies for intentional misdirection like they often include in the show edits? We won’t have that problem for the rest of this week, anyway. Zing!

You can get the links and information for how and where to watch Digital Dailies as well as the episodes that post the morning after they air at I’m also keeping my usual Power Status section up to date there, along with tracking comp wins, nominations, advantages/punishments, and prize winnings.

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