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Who was evicted from BBCAN? Plus: Wendy’s Rewards points, explained

Who was evicted from BBCAN? Plus: Wendy’s Rewards points, explained
Rob in BBCAN11's bonus Diary interviews (Image via Global)

Before Thursday’s Big Brother Canada 11 second eviction—it seemed Rob was likely to meet host Arisa Cox—the Digital Daily was released, and so were some Diary Room Q&As.

The Digital Daily was taped Wednesday evening and ran for 2 hours, 21 minutes, but 50 minutes of it was taken up by a group guessing game about items in the habitat.

Once again, there was a pivotal convo that wasn’t shown, but the DD included several retells of it. That involved Santina campaigning to Kuzie for Rob and against Renee.

That didn’t earn Santina any points among the girls since Santina had been acting like she was all for overthrowing the guys, and it may have earned a target on her going forward.

There was a lot of chat and several campaign convos in this DD, but we only got a few definitive tidbits that might go somewhere later on.

One was Rob told Hope and Renee that Dan had given his word before noms to Rob that he’d be safe. And Shanaya told Rob that she’d be voting him out. He made a solid and logical pitch to her, but it probably went nowhere. And Rob was planning a scorcher nominee speech aimed squarely at Zach. Those are always fun.

Thursday afternoon the show posted some Q&As with each of them in the Diary Room. They were asked who they think is working with whom, who they trust most and least, and what’s their worst case scenario for the upcoming week.

(And most of them did shoutouts to their people at home, which had been blissfully absent from the voting segments so far, but a couple were snuck in during tonight’s vote.)

The Diary answers seemed genuine and the video unedited, and overall they were reminiscent of Big Brother Over The Top‘s live Diaries.

Reminder! Visit for info and links to watch BB Canada videos, and/or to get a Paramount Plus free trial if you missed the OTT season or want to watch it again.

Going into the eviction, it seemed likely Rob would be the one meeting Arisa tonight, so let’s get on with the show and find out.

Two people sitting on stools talking
Rob talks to Arisa Cox after his eviction from the BBCAN11 house during episode 8

Thursday’s eviction episode kicked off with hamsters readying themselves for the veto meeting, and we learned that Rob had gotten a heads-up that he’d be the renom. Warning him was suggested by Zach to Dan and Ty, and Dan gave Rob the news with Ty again present, but Zach conveniently absent. So along with crimes of arrogance and general smarminess, Zach is also a blindside spoiler. We just can’t have nice things.

Zach did use his veto on Hope, and Dan did put up Rob in his place, as we already knew.

A number of campaign pitch segments followed, along with general vote debates and discussions, and Vanessa and Zach had a clear-the-air convo after their blowup. That included an apology from Zach, and a surprising admission from him that he’s not perfect. Do tell.

Then came a sponcon segment where Wendy’s Rewards Points were finally explained to viewers.

The Wendy's logo and a chart listing activities and points
BBCAN11’s Wendy’s reward points

We knew about those too since the show tweeted the ways to earn points and the scores as of last Friday. Kuzie was in the lead at that time since JM had bequeathed his points to her when he left. That info was shared with the hamsters as well as those previous standings, and then they were given five minutes to find a total of 15,000 points scattered on cards around the habitat.

That led to a mad scramble with people running everywhere, and talking about it in Diary clips. For one of those Diary clips, Shanaya was labelled Santina. Oops. When the points were tallied up, Dan was in the lead.

The Wendy's logo with the word Rewards, followed by a chart with data
BBCAN11’s Wendy’s Rewards point totals, before the episode 8 eviction

More campaign segments followed and then it was time to vote. Renee gave a cute and articulate speech with things like “turn this block star into a rock star” by letting her stay and play, but she did mention her “boo-tay on the block” again. Rob gave what I call a nominee speech scorcher by blasting Zach and his manipulating ways, and calling him “a looming force that haunts the HOH room.”

The votes were finally cast and Rob was evicted 7-4, with Jonathan, Santina, Vanessa, Hope the dissenters.

And that was the official end of the four bros alliance that we and they thought would steamroll the season like the Brigade and the Pretty Boys. These guys didn’t even last 20 days as a quartet.

Arisa announced another viewer safety vote was open this week – after skipping that last week – and the credits rolled. They didn’t even start the HOH comp.

In Rob’s extended sit-down with Arisa, he gave his Wendy’s points to Jonathan, so he’ll easily take the lead there. Thanks again to @Pooyaism for covering those evictee interviews.

You can get the links and information for how and where to watch Digital Dailies as well as the episodes that post the morning after they air at I’m also keeping my usual Power Status section up to date there, along with tracking comp wins, nominations, advantages/punishments, and prize winnings.

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