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Vanessa exposes Zach on BBCAN11

Vanessa exposes Zach on BBCAN11
Shanaya and Claudia listen from above a Vanessa blows up Zach's game on BBCAN11

Wednesday’s Big Brother Canada 11 Digital Daily was two hours and change, and was taped Tuesday afternoon, and it skipped some major drama that ended up on the show later.

The Digital Daily was mostly chit-chat in small and large groups, and it ended as they all sat down together for another family dinner.

There was very little talk about the impending vote, and none of it was definitive. We heard about several confrontations, though we haven’t seen them.

Anika told Daniel and Kuzie she’d told Santina she was annoyed because she and (Zach? The bros?) said they’d work with her but they weren’t telling her anything, and Kuzie said Santina told Rob to keep her name out of his mouth.

And we heard a couple more references to some blowup by Vanessa, but again there were no indications what that was about. That one did show up on Wednesday’s show though—more on that below.

A person gesturing
Vanessa blows up Zach’s game on BBCAN11 episode 7

All that’s the kind of thing we’d normally be feasting on out here, if we’d seen those spats on the feeds, or even in the Digital Dailies, but no.

Kuzie told Zach it wasn’t cool that he’d walked in on Rob making a campaign pitch to her and a couple others, and that he’d just stayed and stood around awkwardly rather than excusing himself and leaving. She said that’s the kind of thing that’s led to people saying he’s playing an intimidation game.

Jonathan told Renee he’s about to become Public Enemy Number 1, which surprised her, but he said it’s already begun because he’s “not playing ball.” I assume that’s about Zach and/or Ty bad-mouthing him because he jumped off the broship to support Rob.

News to me was that Kuzie and Zach were apparently working together early on, until Santina won the HOH. Kuzie said that’s why Zach switched to Santina, because she was in power, which Zach denied. (Sure, Jan.)

He told Kuzie she’s probably playing one of the best games right now and I have to agree. She seems to know what’s going on in every corner, and she’s very good at drawing information out of people without giving up much info in exchange.

And Kuzie tried to teach Zach some country line dancing steps. He finally caught on a little but it took a lot of attempts.

Now on to Wednesday’s super-extended commercial and veto show. After the requisite fallout segments following nominations, Vanessa, Kuzie, and Zach were picked to play for veto with nominees Hope and Renee.

The comp was sponsored by Philips Sonicare toothbrushes. I missed the name of the specific model they were promoting, but I probably wouldn’t include it here anyway since they’re not paying me to promote it.

For Part 1 they had to assemble a toothbrush puzzle, then shift it to a vertical position. The order they finished that determined their placements for Part 2, which was head-to-head heats.

For that part they had to pick up bristles and install them by shapes on their bases onto a vibrating toothbrush game board. Whoever got the most bristles installed won the heat.

Naturally, they wore tooth suits.

Part 2 round winners were as follows:

  • Hope beat Renee
  • Hope beat Kuzie
  • Hope beat Vanessa
  • and Zach beat Hope in the final round for the veto plus $5,000 cash.

Tropical Storm Vanessa hit immediately after they finished. She was very upset and I couldn’t even understand what her problem was, but it was something about throwing the comp or not? I think Hope expected her to throw it to him and he made some snarky comment about that after they’d finished.

She later said if it was just the veto she wouldn’t care, but she needed that cash for one of her kids’ tuition. And she was irritated that Zach said something about her being too emotional, and she said there was nothing wrong with being emotional.

Ears perked up all around the habitat, like they do when voices are raised, and a few people made comments about another Vanessa blowup before moving out to eavesdrop on this one.

Vanessa talked individually to Hope, and then to Zach, and then she went after Zach in front of everyone, saying he’s the kind of guy who has to work at appearing to be nice. AND she exposed him game-wise by saying Zach wanted to get Rob out last week and he’s targeting him again this week, and that he’d run Santina’s HOH last week and he’s running Dan’s now.

A person with a beard sitting on a bed and holding a light blue cap
Jonathan with Rob’s hat on BBCAN11

That led to Dan and Santina comparing notes about who ran their HOHs, and to Jonathan having a loyalty crisis.

He had a couple emotional, eloquent, and very genuine Diary segments saying he’d wanted to stay loyal to the bros but felt betrayed by Zach and Ty, and he said Rob was his ride or die, and his brother.

Jonathan sat down with Zach to ask about the whole situation, and the smugness was just oozing out of Zach for that.

Jonathan told Santina he’ll ask Dan to put him up because he doesn’t want to play that kind of game and he can’t go against who he is. So that’s two bros who asked to be nominated this week, but I think Jonathan’s was just a heat of the moment reaction.

And…—spoiler alert—…we already know Dan went ahead and did what Zach and Ty wanted, by putting up Rob in Hope’s place.

The show ended without the usual veto meeting, which will be on Thursday’s eviction show (we already know what happened there), and with Jonathan saying “I’m wearing the man’s hat, that means something.”

You’ll recall it was Rob’s hoodie that was at the center of the Ty/Claudia Sweatergate squabble last week. That guy’s wardrobe is causing the most drama this season.

You can get the links and information for how and where to watch Digital Dailies as well as the episodes that post the morning after they air at I’m also keeping my usual Power Status section up to date there, along with tracking comp wins, nominations, advantages/punishments, and prize winnings.

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