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Does anyone want The Zach Show on BBCAN11?

Does anyone want The Zach Show on BBCAN11?
BBCAN11's Zach Neilson (Photo by Global)

Tuesday’s Big Brother Canada 11 episode began with the usual illusory drama-filled recap, complete with narrator references to Zach’s Pack, Bros & Co (with a graphic), and a repeat mention of CEO Zach.

I don’t think many are enjoying all this Zach Show stuff, but Zach’s simply going to love it when he gets out.

Hopefully he’ll get to see it all soon.

A gold "Bros & Co" logo with five portraits of people in business suits on top of it
The BBCAN11 Bros and Co. graphic shown on episode 6

Those recaps and Thursday’s HOH comp playing out took up the first quarter of the hour. In short: the comp was difficult.

Dan was thrilled to win it, as he should be, and we finally got to hear a few words from him including telling us in Diary that he’s a long-distance runner, which certainly helped him win that competition which involved a lot of running and climbing stairs.

Immediately after the comp, while most were still in their spandex suits, Ty and Zach met to agree they wanted Rob gone.

Dan hollered out who wants to see his room extra loudly, and they all cheered extra loudly for Winners and Wendy’s mentions between checking out his goodies and hearing his letter from his dad.

Dan’s video at the Wendy’s window was BBCAN season 8’s Chris Wyllie winning HOH and then not recognizing his own mom in the Wendy’s window: one of the top BB Canada classic comedy moments.

Chris handed over Dan’s food and reminded him (and viewers) that he was on the season that was cut short due to COVID.

A person with their arms out and head tilted and mouth open in victory
Dan after winning HOH on BBCAN11 episode 6

The Zach Show continued as he was Dan’s guest for breakfast sticks. Zach told him to target Rob, and to do it via the backdoor. And we finally saw Hope asking Dan to put him on the block, and we also saw Hope break down on his own. BB is hard.

A bit later Hope was back in it, and he asked Dan not to put him up after all. But we already know Dan did just that, along with nominating Renee.

He said his Reason for nominating Hope was that he’d asked Dan to put him up, but he knows Hope wants to prove himself and his abilities so Dan was giving him the opportunity to beast the veto comp.

And he said he put up Renee because he didn’t know where he stood with her game-wise, but he knows she’s a strong social player.

Was the veto used on BBCAN11?

Two people in chairs. The person on the left has his hand on the person on the right's knee
Hope and Renee were nominated for eviction by Dan on BBCAN11

That leads us into Tuesday’s Digital Daily, which ran just shy of two hours and was taped Monday after the veto meeting.

We learned Zach used his veto on Hope and Dan put Rob up in his place, to sit next to Renee at Thursday’s eviction.

Since so much of Monday’s Digital Daily after the veto comp was about people targeting Rob, I got it wrong and thought he was already on the block. So some of my recap yesterday was off and I apologize for that.

But now that’s where things lie, and most of today’s DD was about votes.

They did all sit down to family dinner (or maybe lunch) together, so apparently there are no Have-nots this week. Unless they did that for just a couple days again and ended it around the time of the veto meeting like last week, and it was never mentioned in this week’s DD drops.

We learned that there had been some sort of confrontation between Rob and Zach, with Rob apparently (and correctly) accusing Zach of running things and manipulating people to do his bidding.

I don’t know when that confrontation happened or if it got heated, because The Powers That Be chose not to show it to us. We did see a he said/she said discussion between the two of them on today’s DD, but it seemed like a rehash of whatever had gone down before.

Kuzie summed things up pretty well to Anika by saying if Rob goes, the house will have settled Zach and Ty’s personal beef with Rob for them, and she didn’t like that. And she said Rob going would also mean eliminating a physical comp threat, but Rob staying would mean the duo “giants” Rob/Santina and Ty/Zach would remain intact in the game.

After Jonathan gave his anti-Zach pitch to them, both Kuzie and Anika seemed to have decided to keep Rob—at least for now.

There are 11 votes again this week, and I’m sure discussions will continue until Arisa calls them to Diary to vote on Thursday. It sounds like it could be a split vote this week, but that seemed likely last week too and then it was unanimous. As of now, it seems like Renee could end up going, but it’s still very early and much could change.

You can get the links and information for how and where to watch Digital Dailies as well as the episodes that post the morning after they air at I’m also keeping my usual Power Status section up to date there, along with tracking comp wins, nominations, advantages/punishments, and prize winnings.

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