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Who was BBCAN11’s first evictee? What’s the ‘unseen game’? Sweatergate? Savage Sisters?

Who was BBCAN11’s first evictee? What’s the ‘unseen game’? Sweatergate? Savage Sisters?
BBCAN11 houseguests during the episode 5 show (Image via Global)

It’s often said that Big Brother doesn’t really start until the first eviction, as that’s when the hamsters realize people actually disappear from their midst, and a life-or-death vibe takes hold as any of them could be next.

And here we are, on Day 13 of BBCAN11, with the first eviction now under our belts. Let the game begin!

But first! The Digital Daily for Thursday, taped the day before, raised some questions for us about some sort of tension between Hope and Jonathan.

Maybe the show’s edited segments will provide some clarity as to what that’s about. And Sweatergate continued when Ty complained to Zach that Rob had made a joke about Claudia wearing his [Rob’s] sweater, when she’s flirtmancing with Ty.

Ty said it wasn’t the joke that upset him, it was that he said it in front of everyone. Translation: the joke bothered him, along with everyone finding out how pissy he was about the whole sweater thing in the first place.

Also, Zach told Ty he’ll tell Daniel that Rob suggested nominating Anika, figuring Daniel would run that back to Anika. And Rob said he “can’t stand” Anika.

Zach also said he told Shanaya that Dan likes her. I’m pretty sure Zach fabricated that one. The “CEO Bro” just can’t seem to stop himself from doing way too much.

Meanwhile Kuzie and Rob discussed how much they want Zach out, but neither seemed prepared to make that happen themselves, at least not until sometime down the road.

And now, on with the show!

BBCAN11 episode 5 introduces a mystery

Three people sitting on chairs. The person in the middle has her hand on the person on the right's arm
The first three BBCAN11 nominees, Dan, Renee, and JM, learn who will be evicted (Image via Global)

The recap narrator’s catchy line tonight was “love is a battlefield,” and Arisa teased something about a love triangle, but there wasn’t a lot of either on this episode.

Recap segments included various JM campaign talks, some of which we’d seen on Digital Dailies, and as a super-fan hungry to play the game of Big Brother, he cried in some of them.

They also showed Santina’s safety guarantee to JM (that she didn’t stick to just to rub that in), and we saw Claudia and Ty having a quick make out amid falling snow, Dan campaigning a bit, and Renee pitching her plan for the women to work together, which we saw on Digital Dailies.

A Santina Diary segment before that chat had her saying she was working with the boys, but she’d stay good with the girls on the side, in case that turns out to be useful in the future.

And we saw Hope passing along suspicious about a women’s alliance to Daniel. Daniel said it was too early in the game for it to be this messy.

We saw Santina hunting through the blank books in the library room on Digital Dailies, but we found out on this episode that she had actually found something: a message saying UNSEEN GAME.

There was nothing further about what that meant, but @AlfieS12 tweeted, “is that the tagline for the season without live feeds?”. Boom.

And there was a segment with the first alliance name that I’m aware of: Claudia, Kuzie, Renee, Shanaya plus JM formed Savage Sisters.

That segment aired just before the vote, and turned out to have a shelf life of approximately nine minutes, going by air time anyway, since JM was the first evicted this season.

A person carrying a bag and smiling
JM was the first houseguest evicted on BBCAN11

JM went out unanimously with eleven votes. Dan and Renee each received zero.

On his way out, from the top of the stairs, JM said, “honestly I probably would have won, so…”

The next HOH comp wasn’t named on the show. They had to pick up one colored ball, race through crowd-control type lanes then up to the top of a giant slide, pick a lane to slide down, and try to toss their ball into one of the numbered hoops on the slide. And then they had to repeat that, again and again.

At the end of one hour, the hamster with the highest score would be the next HOH. That winner will be revealed on Tuesday’s show, but we’ll probably know who won before then from Digital Dailies.

A poll asks, and gets replies

People lined up next to a wide, wavy slide-like apparatus
The next HOH competition started on BBCAN11 episode 5

Arisa announced to them the Dead Last twist was over, which made them cheer, and there was no mention to us of a viewer safety vote this week.

But the show launched a Twitter poll asking who should get a Circle K snack haul. The replies to the poll tweets were not complimentary, as is the case with most replies to most @BigBrotherCA tweets this season.

She did mention the Digital Dailies videos and deleted scenes clips could be found on the show’s site, which was a first for the air episodes.

Arisa’s extended evictee interviews are on TikTok again, and @Pooyaism is again recapping those on Twitter for us.

John Michael’s Q&A had one new and interesting tidbit we weren’t aware of before: Apparently he had accumulated some Wendy’s reward points somehow, and he had to bequeath them to another player upon his exit. He gave them to Kuzie. We have no idea how those points are earned or how/what they’ll be used for, but we now know they are in play.

You can get the links and information for how and where to watch Digital Dailies as well as the episodes that post the morning after they air at I’m also keeping my usual Power Status section up to date there, along with tracking comp wins, nominations, advantages/punishments, and prize winnings.

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