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BBCAN11: CEO Bro’s arrogance, showmances, and shifting alliances take center stage

BBCAN11: CEO Bro’s arrogance, showmances, and shifting alliances take center stage
BBCAN11's first veto competition: "Can't Slop, Won't Slop"

The intro/recap segment to Wednesday’s Big Brother Canada 11 episode 4 included narration calling Zach “The CEO Bro” complete with a special graphic, and there were multiple segments of conversations and Diary Rooms showing him being arrogant and cocky, saying things like he enjoys being a man of influence, in reference to having influenced Santina’s HOH so much.

Most of the other show segments were already known to those of us who have been keeping up, as is usually the case with Big Brother Canada or USA.

But we did learn Santina had warned Anika she’d be going up as one of her initial nominees, with a “guarantee” she was only a pawn or placeholder. Previously we’d only seen Santina tell Anika she would not be going on the block.

And we also saw Zach being strongly anti-Renee, at least before the veto comp, and Renee confessing in Diary that she’d been trying to cozy up to Zach because she’d figured out the bros were working together.

An overhead view of curved couches on a checkerboard floor. People sit and stand, looking at a game board in the center
BBCAN11’s new setup for choosing veto players

The draw for who’d play veto wasn’t included in the show, but they had a graphic saying that clip could be seen online. No matter: we know Dan drew Daniel, and Anika drew Houseguest Choice and picked Ty. It turns out they’re using a board game setup this season to draw veto players. The HOH’s nominees select a game piece off the board, then they peel a label off the bottom of the game piece to reveal the player they selected.

As you knew if you’ve been reading my recaps, the comp was called “Can’t Slop, Won’t Slop,” and it took place in the BB slop factory. Players had to dive into some nasty liquid to find a cup, then fill the cup with goopy sauce, and transfer the sauce by sliding on their backs down a slippery lane to add it to a jug. It took a number of trips back and forth to fill the jugs.

From there they had to add the jug of goop to a giant bowl of oatmeal and mix until it started to hold together. Then they had to toss handfuls of the glop into a barrel until it was full enough to rise up against a counterbalance.

It was a long and strenuous competition, very much favoring physically stronger people, and it was easy to see why so many of them later complained of bruises and banged-up knees.

A person wearing a white t-shirt and a gold V medallion around their neck
Ty plays his veto at BBCAN11’s first veto meeting, as seen on the show

Of course there were showmance segments as well—BB Canada loves showmances—including several with Ty and Claudia, both flirty and not so much. In one, he was perturbed that she was wearing Rob’s sweater. Yep, really.

And Shanaya was upset that Rob was spending more quality time with Santina than herself, and he’d gotten a facial from her.

Ty won the first veto of the season, as we already knew, and at the veto meeting he used it on Anika, and Santina put up JM in her place.

The episode ended with JM ranting in Diary, complaining that she only won HOH because the two of them had won the first heat together, and Dan said in Diary he thought he had a better chance of staying now that JM was also on the block.

Tomorrow brings the first vote and either Dan, Renee, or JM will hold the dreaded first-evicted position. As of now, it seems likely that’ll be JM, but a lot could change by then (and possibly already has).

What Wednesday’s Digital Dailies revealed

Two people sitting messy beds talk
JM and Kuzie do some BB math, count votes during the BBCAN11 Digital Dailies

Wednesday’s Digital Daily was from Tuesday afternoon, and had a lot of chats about the first vote coming up Thursday.

JM counted votes on his fingers to Kuzie (which many of us call “BB Math”—they don’t have any writing implements). He told her he didn’t expect Shanaya’s vote as she’d already promised Renee she’d vote to evict him, and he didn’t expect to have Rob or Zach either. He told Kuzie he thought she, Anika, Daniel would vote in his favor, and said he thought he could also get Hope, Jonathan, Vanessa, which would be the six he’d need to stay.

Kuzie did a lot of mm-hmming and giving encouragement, and she urged him to get to work and not give up. Later Hope told JM he will have his vote, but Jonathan and Kuzie agreed it would probably put them at too much risk if they voted to keep JM.

Renee, Claudia, Santina, Shanaya said they needed to ensure either Dan or JM go this week to restore the guys vs. girls balance, since that was tipped in the guys’ favor with Amal’s exit, and they’d need another guy to go next week to put them ahead. They acknowledged the bros had run Santina’s HOH and she’d done their bidding.

Santina said “Zach hasn’t given me one hug today” which seemed to help wake her up from his spell, she told them to be careful what they say to the bros since they’ll try to get information from them, adding “because they did it to me.”

Renee said “there’s only one solution, me or Nay Nay [Shanaya] have to win next week,” since Claudia and Santina are tight with Ty and Zach respectively. And she laughed, as I did, because winning HOH is always the fallback plan when they can’t think of another option.

The women discussed whether to split their votes between evicting Dan and JM or voting together as a block, which would probably out their group, but they didn’t decide for sure either way.

This felt like a fairly solid start of an alliance but maybe that’s just wishful thinking on my part because I really don’t want to see another season of bros steamrolling to the end. Vanessa joined them but they didn’t tell her any of this, and their meeting broke up.

Anika made get-around rounds, meeting separately with Zach and Santina, then JM and Kuzie, and then Daniel. From the limited amount of content we’re given, I’d say both Anika and Kuzie might be the most aware of everything going on and where everyone stands. Renee had pointed out to the girls that the two of them seemed to be getting close, but she didn’t know where either stood in relationship to anyone else.

JM half-jokingly pitched an underdog alliance to Hope and Kuzie (if he stays), consisting of the three of them plus maybe Daniel. Meanwhile Daniel told Anika he didn’t think they could save JM, and added that he didn’t really trust JM.

Daniel also pitched a possible alliance to her consisting of outsiders that would include the two of them plus Vanessa, Kuzie, and possibly Hope and Jonathan, and possibly Dan (though both said they didn’t like him much), and possibly Renee.

Ty asked Claudia who she’d nominate if she won HOH and she said she didn’t know, and she said things change fast in there.

He also asked about her being close with Renee and Shanaya. She said they just get along and like each other, but they haven’t formed an alliance, and she said she thought he had formed an alliance with the guys. He said “you’re wrong, you’re my only alliance.” They hugged and that was pretty much the end of Wednesday’s DD drop, which was about 20 minutes shorter than the prior ones.

In lighter news, we learned Vanessa had applied for BB Canada’s first season, and was then called by casting to be on this one, 10 years later.

And Rob went into the shower stall to pick his nose so that wouldn’t be on camera. He said, “oh it’s a bleeder” and that’s probably a good spot to end this recap.

As of this point, it looks like JM will probably be the first to sit down with Arisa, but there’s still a long time before they vote on Thursday and things could change. Plus we’re only being shown the convos that production wants us to see, so there’s no real way to know for sure.

You can get the links and information for how and where to watch Digital Dailies as well as the episodes that post the morning after they air at I’m also keeping my usual Power Status section up to date there, along with tracking comp wins, nominations, advantages/punishments, and prize winnings.

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