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BBCAN’s ‘hot mess express’: screaming, handcuffs, and sponcon

BBCAN’s ‘hot mess express’: screaming, handcuffs, and sponcon
Last year's first BBCAN HOH, Hermon Nizghi, served Wendy's breakfast to the HOH

BBCAN11 dropped both a Digital Daily and an actual episode on Tuesday, which the announcer called a “hot mess express.” Here’s what happened in both.

Tuesday’s BBCAN11 episode

The intro/recap announcer used the term “Hot Mess Express” in the intro to the March 14 episode of BBCAN11, and it turned out to be accurate.

It was kind of a mess of a show: relatively boring overall (and not only because we already knew the outcome), with intermittent screaming and of course, sponcon.

The intro segment included a lot of kissing between various pairs but then that wasn’t in the show itself, so that was an odd decision by someone to include it as a show teaser.

The announcer did have a great line with “the bros only wanted to play with themselves,” and that did prove accurate.

Screaming started with Santina celebrating her HOH win in Diary, way back on Day 3 (today is Day 11). It’s even been a while since TV-onlies saw her win last Thursday.

There was more screaming from many of them when she did the traditional hollering “WHO WANTS TO SEE MY HOH ROOM,” but to be fair, they hadn’t seen the room at all yet before that.

Sponcon kicked off with her new outfit from WINNERS, which each HOH receives, along with the weekly Wendy’s meal, which is breakfast items this year. Santina shared it with JM since they were the finalists in the HOH comp.

When she went to the walk-up window in the pantry she was shown a video of last year’s first HOH, Hermon Nizghi, winning that comp, and he was in the window to hand her the food she and JM had ordered, and to provide a few generic game tips.

There was a reminder that Claudia had caught on to the bros working together, and a convo with Kuzie and Vanessa agreeing it’d be great if there was a successful women’s alliance this year.

But the bros were in charge as of now, and they had a meeting in the Circle K convenience store room with Zach telling the others that JM had told him he wanted to “get the boys out” if he’d won the HOH, so he had to go. And Zach also said that JM was “in love” with him. He repeated that later in the show as well.

Then came some fluff content as they were called to the pantry to find pizzas, booze, and furry handcuffs. Cue more screaming.

They were told they had to pair up and remain handcuffed for the rest of the night. That’s the kind of thing that could have been fun to watch on feeds, but no. Instead we got fart jokes and awkward toilet arrangements.

Two people close to each other on a red couch; one has their legs up and the other is sprawled out
Claudia and Ty get close on the BBCAN 11 couches

We also had Claudia and Ty flirting, so I take back what I said in my previous post about having no indication of them being a potential couple.

Gametalks included Santina agreeing with various bros that JM had to go, despite having made that safety deal with him before the second part of the HOH comp. It was clear she was planning to carry out the bros’ agenda, yet she was wearing a shirt that said DUMP HIM for some of those talks.

Santina had a chat with Rob in the HOH room, saying she wanted to get to know him. He said he did yoga, and demonstrated his happy baby pose. She giggled.

Anika complained to Kuzie about Claudia flirting with Ty, and she didn’t seem to think much of Renee either. Anika said “these four are toxic” but I’m not sure if that was about the bros or someone else. Anika then pitched to Santina by saying she’s not a threat and if Santina doesn’t put her on the block, she’d work with her in future. Santina said she wouldn’t put her up (but later did, as we already know).

And Dan talked with Santina and figured out he would be one of her nominees, which she didn’t deny. The supposed reason for that was he was the last to come and talk with her in pre-nom meetings. That’s a lame reason to nominate someone, but it’s one that’s been used before.

A person wearing a yellow dress holding a card that says Belairdirect Car and Home Insurance
Vanessa reveals which BBCAN11 houseguest won safety from a viewer vote

Everyone was called to the living room, the dramatic lighting hit, and they wondered what was going on and if someone was going to be evicted already.

Vanessa was then called to Diary, and she returned with a card explaining there’d been a viewer vote for first week safety, and that Claudia had won. She may or may not have been coached to hold the card so the sponsor name could be read clearly. But she did, and it was.

Santina then met with Zach, and said she wanted to put JM up as an initial nominee rather than backdoor him, but Zach talked her out of that. He again said JM’s in love with him, and called him a “cancer” and “the most hated person in the house,” and he talked about how successful he’s been in his life. And he said he didn’t want to be mansplaining to Santina, as he mansplained to her.

Then came the dramatic lighting again and Santina told Dead Last loser Renee to take a nomination chair, and then she nominated Dan and Anika to take the other two nominee chairs.

As I predicted the other day, she did her speech without any noticeable problems so the fact that she’d butchered it on several attempts per Digital Dailies chatter was edited out and everything was wrapped up cleanly.

Tuesday’s BBCAN11 Digital Daily drop

Three people sitting in chairs
Renee, Dan, and Anika were nominated on BBCAN11, but that changed after the veto

Tuesday’s Big Brother Canada 11 Digital Daily was again posted early in the day, before the actual episode, which may or may not become the regular schedule—the Powers That Be don’t bother to do things like post schedules.

Tuesday’s was taped Monday after the veto meeting, and ran for the same two and a half hour length as the others so far.

Among other things, Have-Nots ended for the week. They were only on slop from Saturday to Monday, but of course were thrilled (and loud) about it ending so they could eat real food again. Vanessa continued her self-assigned house mother role by having homemade muffins ready for them to wolf down.

Putting up to four hamsters on slop each week is a very stale game staple at this point in my opinion, and I don’t know why both Canada and USA are still doing it. But since they are, three days is better than a full week, since the lack of balanced nutrition just makes people listless and depressed, which doesn’t make for good watching at all.

The veto meeting’s results

Ty used his veto on Anika as planned, and HOH Santina put up JM in her place. Dan and Renee remained on the block.

Ty and Santina met to discuss the veto meeting reactions, both agreeing that JM was still their target. Ty told her Claudia had been upset about not being told what was going to happen, but he’d smoothed that over with her. And he counted the probable votes against JM: himself, Santina (though she won’t vote unless there’s a tie), Zach, Rob, Jonathan, Hope, Kuzie.

There are 11 votes this week, so that would be enough to boot JM.

Since these Digital Dailies only give us certain conversations, we can’t be sure that’s how the votes will lie or not, but later on Rob counted votes with Jonathan and included the two of them, Hope, Ty, Zach, Kuzie, Daniel, Anika. And they agreed they might be able to get Shanaya and Claudia as well, and that they’d work on that.

So JM seems to be a goner as of now, but it’s only Tuesday (and only Monday when these convos took place).

Jonathan and Rob also talked about Rob and Shanaya flirting, and Rob said it was difficult to pursue that within the context of the game. Jonathan suggested he arrange some double dates with Ty.

They held this chat in the Circle K-sponsored room with its snack displays. That room adds an extra layer of comedy since the Convenience Store is what last summer’s BB24 ultimately winning alliance, the Leftovers, snarkily called the non-members who were continually blindsided week after week. Now BB Canada has an actual convenience store in the house. That’s extra-ironic since their decision to cut feeds has pretty much killed social media buzz about the season.

The activity taking up much of today’s almost-feeds block was a double date with Renee/Hope and Claudia/Ty, plus preparations for them. I don’t think either couple is or has potential to be an actual couple, so consider it filler/fluff material.

Santina went hunting through the (blank) books in the library/pool room, looking for clues or advantages that may appear at some point, but I doubt they’ve been placed yet.

Canada often plants things like that in the habitat, and it used to be fun watching someone find them on feeds and then going on a scavenger hunt to discover the rest, ultimately leading to some reward or advantage.

If/when things like that happen this season, it’ll be interesting to see if they’re included in the Digital Dailies, or if they’ll just stick an edited hunt in the TV episode(s).

JM went to work campaigning. He wondered to Kuzie if he could get six votes against either Dan or Renee, and said he felt bad campaigning against Dan in particular.

Reminder: Kuzie was included as a vote against JM by both Ty/Santina and Rob/Jonathan. She gave him a little hope by saying she’d heard people say booting JM right now might not be the best plan, and she said if he manages to stay, it’ll boost his future stock in there as people will want him to use his persuasive skills for them later on.

Kuzie reported that convo to Ty, who said he and Zach had told Santina not to justify her move, as most of them would have also put up JM. And Kuzie suggested Ty talk to Anika to get her vote against JM, and Kuzie would follow up with her. She said if she was the one to approach Anika about it, it would just become a debate. So there may be some tension brewing between Kuzie and Anika.

JM choked up while talking with Kuzie, as he did later with Claudia. He told her he respected Ty’s decision and understood why he veto’d Anika (because she’d picked him to play veto). He also said Santina had told him Ty acted on his own, but Ty had said he just did what the HOH wanted, so one of them was clearly lying. He said he believed Ty’s version, and added Santina can’t be trusted.

Apparently JM hadn’t made the dramatic scene he’d threatened previously to call out Santina for breaking their deal, but he had told several of them about it, but he hadn’t told everyone. Yet.

And we found out at least part of the reason JM became Santina’s target (along with him telling the bros he wanted to break them up) when he sat down with her. Apparently at one point he’d told her “I want to see you in jury.” He said he hadn’t meant that he wanted to put her there, but that he hoped the two of them would go far in the game.

He apologized for that, and said the whole situation was “really crappy” because he had wanted to work with her. She said people had gotten into her ear and she hoped the decision to renom JM wouldn’t come back to bite her later.

JM said if he manages to stay, with her help, that he would keep her safe going forward. And he added he’d heard some flak about her since the veto meeting that was “eye-opening.”

He asked point blank if she wants him out, and she said she wanted him on the block because she didn’t know if she’d be his target later on or not. He said that was okay, that it’s part of the game to let someone know when they aren’t trusted. And he said he’d been transparent with both her and Zach about knowing the game well.

You can get the links and information for how and where to watch Digital Dailies as well as the episodes that post the morning after they air at I’m also keeping my usual Power Status section up to date there, along with tracking comp wins, nominations, advantages/punishments, and prize winnings.

Correction: The caption on the image and the excerpt for this story initially identified Hermon Nizghi as BBCAN 10’s winner, when he was actually its first HOH. Apologies for the error!

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