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What BBCAN11’s shorter Friday and Saturday Digital Dailies revealed

What BBCAN11’s shorter Friday and Saturday Digital Dailies revealed
Kuzie and Vanessa chat during the March 16 BBCAN11 Digital Dailies (Image by Global)

Big Brother Canada 11’s Friday and Saturday Digital Dailies—its replacement for the live feeds—revealed who won the HOH competition that started during Thursday’s live show, but also were much shorter than usual.

Friday’s Digital Daily was taped Thursday night after the HOH comp, and it was the shortest to date at one hour, 20 minutes.

That was a better length than the usual two and a half hours, especially since we know we’re only getting what they want to give us.

And we now know they’re definitely withholding things, such as Santina finding the UNSEEN GAME clue and the fact that Wendy’s reward points have already been doled out. Whatever they’re about.

Many of us are used to listening to feeds 24/7 (or whatever the usual Canada ratio used to be—they’ve always blocked feeds a lot), but most of that’s just half-listening since much of the time is a lot of boredom and nothing.

Two and a half hours a day should be easy in comparison, but some days it just feels like a chore. I guess we should be happy with what we’ve got, but this alternative to feeds just isn’t hitting the same.

A portrait of a bearded person wearing a teal blazer, black t-shirt, and several necklaces
Big Brother Canada 11’s Dan Szabo (Photo by Global)

But on to the business at hand. Dan Szabo won the HOH comp that started on Thursday’s show.

We could tell it was a challenge that would favor the guys when we saw it and that proved true: Rob finished second, followed by Ty, Jonathan, and Hope.

Apparently there was quite a gap in scores between those top five scores and the rest of the pack. Among the women, Kuzie did well.

Rob was annoyed he hadn’t won, since he’d wanted this HOH and thought he’d done enough to win it. And Hope’s Mope of the Day (my phrase) was disappointment that he hadn’t done better.

A person sitting at a table with their arms resting on chairs next to them
“Hope Mopes” on BBCAN11

Normally the downtime between the HOH comp and the winner getting their room, letter, pics, and goodies includes various people cozying up to the new power holder.

But most of this Digital Daily could have been subtitled WWDD (What Will Dan Do?) as it was mostly comprised of various pairs and small groups wondering who he’ll nominate, and nobody seemed to know. Or maybe they did, but they weren’t saying, at least in the conversations we saw.

Many weeks there’s what I call the “forgotten nominee” in Big Brother. Last week that was Dan. I hardly saw him on Digital Dailies at all, and he wasn’t in the TV episodes much either. That’s usually a good indication that person isn’t going to be evicted. It did seem like he might have a chance for a minute but that didn’t amount to anything and JM was evicted unanimously.

In today’s conversations, rather than being pulled aside by this one or that one, Dan hovered around the edges of various group chats in this DD. One-on-one talks with everyone will likely happen once he gets his room and before the nominations ceremony, but we’ll probably have to wait for episode edits to hear any of those.

Dan didn’t even have a Diary segment on last night’s show, and he was on the block! And that was the third of five episodes he was absent from the Diary Room. That will change this week but for now, we’re mostly in the dark as to what he’ll do, along with the hamsters.

Many thought he might nominate Santina in retaliation for her putting him up last week, and there was some kind of incident between the two of them over the pizza they’d gotten after the comp, but I couldn’t figure out what that was about. Anika told Kuzie that Santina was “all over him” now.

Dan wasn’t in the bros group who drove last week, but it’s likely Zach and/or Ty will work on buddying up with him now. All I saw of Zach in today’s drop was a short convo with Daniel, where he said he only talks game with “a handful of people.”

He also said “the queen just came at me” when asked if he’d thrown the comp. Daniel said of course he [Zach] had thrown it, and that was all there was of that. I don’t know who Zach was calling “the queen.” Things like this are one of the many problems with just getting some bits and pieces of the story.

There was also some talk about JM’s eviction, with many of them feeling bad that the self-described superfan went out first, and unanimously. Daniel said, as the only other LGBTQ+ cast member, he had a hard time evicting JM, but he’d had to do it as the best thing for his own game.

Hope told Anika and Daniel if either’s on the block and he wins veto, he’ll use it on them, and he shook hands on it with Anika. She said if she is OTB and draws Houseguest Choice again, she’ll pick him to play, and she asked Hope to “indirectly save her ass” if/when he talks to Dan about nominations. She said she’d barely talked to Dan at all, but added “oh we did kiss, I totally forgot.” That must have been part of the drunken(?) makeout party they showed on one of the show intros, but not in the episode itself.

Other bits and pieces today included finding out Dan has a big crush on Shanaya. That came from both Anika and Claudia, who said it to Kuzie and Ty respectively, and all agreed that would likely keep Shanaya safe this week. And many also thought he won’t nominate Anika since they were just on the block together.

Of course we had the now-obligatory Claudia and Ty snuggling segment where they too wondered WWDD.

And Rob told Jonathan that JM had given Hope his necklace before he left. That surprised Jonathan who said “that’s a little weird.” The two of them agreed they’d gotten rid of the wrong guy after seeing Dan’s stellar performance in the comp, since JM wouldn’t have won it. Welcome to Big Brother, guys.

Friday morning, delivered on Saturday

One person lying back in a bed talking to a shirtless person who's sitting on the edge of a bed
Jonathan and Rob talk about the HOH competition on BBCAN11

Saturday’s Digital Daily was the shorter length again, coming in at just over an hour and a half. It was taped Friday morning.

Most of the hamsters were surprised to see the NOMINATIONS TODAY notice on their monitor. They figured they’d have an extra day before the new week’s business kicked off, but no. After a two-week-long first week, they are now on the normal schedule which is nominations on Fridays and veto comp on Saturdays.

And most of them continued to wonder WWDD (what would Dan do) with his nominations, though many said they figured Zach would be influential on Dan’s decision. We are also still wondering who his noms will be because we only had two inklings to answer that in this video drop.

The first was Dan pulling Rob aside to tell him he was good and not to worry. If he said the same to anyone else, it wasn’t shown.

The other noms tidbit was part of Hope’s Mope of the Day, which was more of the same: he wasn’t enjoying himself, BB is hard, and he wasn’t fitting in. Rob told him he’d told Jonathan to go for the 30-point baskets during the HOH comp, and Hope said he wished Rob had told him that too.

And Hope told Rob he’d asked Dan to put him on the block.

So it seems we have a quitter, or at least a quitter wannabe. And that’s fine—if Hope doesn’t want to be there, he shouldn’t be. But I don’t know if going out this early, and this way, will do much for the social and career clout he’d previously said he’s aiming for. Time will tell.

We don’t even know yet if Dan will agree to put him up, or if the others will vote to send him home.

You can get the links and information for how and where to watch Digital Dailies as well as the episodes that post the morning after they air at I’m also keeping my usual Power Status section up to date there, along with tracking comp wins, nominations, advantages/punishments, and prize winnings.

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