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Inside BBCAN11: nominations, microwave mishaps, and the battle for clout

Inside BBCAN11: nominations, microwave mishaps, and the battle for clout
Claudia and Ty during the BBCAN March 10 Digital Dailies

The second Big Brother Canada 11 Digital Daily was posted around 9 p.m. Pacific/midnight Eastern on Friday night, with footage from Friday afternoon or evening.

Here are the highlights, which include nominations, a game of werewolf, and more of a peek into the hamsters’ lives.

It opened with Vanessa leading several of them in a yoga class, something hamsters do most every season. She’s actually a yoga teacher, so that’s a plus for them.

Yoga’s a good activity for them and something they can do inside, since the “backyard” was closed to set up for the veto competition on Saturday.

If you’re new to BB Canada, their “backyard” is quite large but is actually indoors. The only open-air area they have is a smallish area around their hot tub. Unlike the sunny summers of BB USA, it’s still cold and often snowy in the Toronto area when BB Canada starts.

We learned that HOH Santina had nominated Anika and Dan for eviction, alongside Renee who was automatically nominated after losing the Dead Last comp.

We also learned Santina flubbed her lines a lot during the nomination ceremony, but odds are they’ll have redone and edited that to make it look smooth and professional on the show.

Me, I’d prefer they let things like that fly as they happen, especially since the nominations speech is so well-known and tired at this point. And it would remind viewers these are actual people and amateur TV personalities, not paid actors.

We also learned Claudia won the viewer vote for first-week safety.

That surprised some, but she’s from Prince Edward Island and hamsters from the Maritimes almost always do well in viewer votes. (Canada usually has a lot of viewer votes.)

And she’d said on the premiere that she wanted to form a girls’ alliance and didn’t want the bro guys to steamroll the season. Hear hear! Unfortunately it looks like the guys might do that anyway, but it’s probably too early to get too cynical about that.

Claudia is now ineligible to win the immunity viewer vote again.

A person lying on their stomach on the floor, with another person's legs visible behind them
BBCAN11’s first HOH, Santina, during the March 10 Digital Dailies

Apparently Santina told Anika she won’t get voted out, no matter who wins veto or what happens with it. Anika knew enough BB to realize that wasn’t a guarantee, but she also referred to Santina as the POV rather than the HOH. Zach gave her a pep talk and told her not to worry.

Both Anika and Renee did some asking around about votes. Dan may have as well, but if so, I didn’t catch it. I don’t usually pay too much attention to vote convos until the veto’s been played and we know who the final nominees are.

Hope was feeling down and stressed and he too got a pep talk from Zach. Even though he doesn’t seem to be in any danger of going on the block, Hope said he couldn’t go home right away and needed to stay longer.

Hope said, “I need this platform; I don’t need the funds, but I need the platform”—indicating he’s one who’s here for clout and career exposure (he’s a personal trainer) more than he’s here to play and win the game.

Zach took full advantage and not only encouraged Hope, but also fished for game info from him.

Zach continued his busy rounds by meeting with superfan Daniel who told him they can’t get all the strong competitors out right away as that would then put targets on the smart and well-liked ones (such as themselves). Zach suggested Daniel pitch that thought to Santina.

Ty told Jonathan that either JM or Renee have to go this week. JM might have been in a great spot if he hadn’t let the bros know he wanted them broken up and gone, since it’s another bro-heavy season.

Shanaya told Jonathan she didn’t think any alliances have formed yet (she must be new), but then she said Rob had proposed an alliance with the three of them plus Ty. She didn’t seem to think that had been formalized.

In random tidbits—my favorite—we learned that BB assigned bedrooms.

Canada’s done that before in various ways, and I really don’t like it. It sets up teams according to who BB wants to work together rather than letting that kind of thing develop organically.

Apparently their dinner plates are metal or have metallic edging, someone put one in the microwave, and it got way too hot. Of course. It seems every season there’s someone who somehow doesn’t know about metal and microwaves, but now they do.

Conversations would sometimes get cut off mid-sentence and the Digital Daily would pick up somewhere else.

That was most likely to prevent us from hearing things production doesn’t want us to hear. But a couple times instead of cutting to elsewhere, a test pattern popped up for a second. That was random and made it all feel—I don’t know, amateurish or old-fashioned. And comical.

A test pattern with the words BIG BROTHER CAN TORONTO 2023 S11
The test pattern Big Brother Canada producers used as a transition in the Digital Daily feeds

Nearly an hour was taken up by a group game of Werewolf, led by Vanessa. It was a whodunit game that seemed similar to Mafia, which BB USA feedsters know all too well.

I wouldn’t be surprised if BB asked them to do a group activity to use up a chunk of Digital Daily time and make their jobs easier.

Their veto competition will probably be Saturday and the veto meeting Monday.

Digital Dailies won’t start again until Monday night so we won’t know until at least then who won it, and who might go up as renom if one of the nominees comes down.

You can get the links and information for how and where to watch Digital Dailies as well as the episodes that post the morning after they air at I’m also keeping my usual Power Status section up to date there, along with tracking comp wins, nominations, advantages/punishments, and prize winnings.

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