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BB Canada spoilers from Monday: Kuzie’s nominations and veto results

BB Canada spoilers from Monday: Kuzie’s nominations and veto results
Anika and Kuzie discuss options and strategize in the BBCAN11 HOH room

Monday’s Big Brother Canada 11 Digital Daily ran two hours and 12 minutes, and was taped early Sunday, when both nominations and the veto had been decided.

We learned that Kuzie had nominated Santina and Hope. She’d mentioned Santina as her target several times on the last DD, but there’d been no mention of Hope as an option at that time, so I have no idea how he ended up on the block. Maybe he asked to be put up again.

Most of Monday’s video was talks and speculation about who would go up as renom, since Hope won the veto.

He also won $5,000, so this was likely another sponsored competition. He was thrilled and said he’s back in the game (again), and he thanked Kuzie for putting him up in the first place, giving him the chance to compete and win.

I’m assuming Vanessa won the viewer safety vote as she was Kuzie’s other planned nominee the last we heard, and I didn’t catch anything from Monday’s post-veto video about why that changed. In fact, Vanessa’s was the only name I didn’t hear mentioned at all as potential renom.

However, at one point Kuzie said she couldn’t touch Hope (since he’d won), followed by saying she couldn’t touch Jonathan, in the same tone. So it’s possible Jonathan won the immunity vote, but I suspect she just meant she wouldn’t consider him.

And at one point Kuzie said something about a “fourth,” which I took to mean her renom will be her fourth name, implying one of her planned nominees won the safety vote. That would be Vanessa since Kuzie would have had no reason to consider putting up Jonathan.

Kuzie told Hope that Dan might be her renom, and Hope said he’ll back up whatever decision she makes, and will protect her going forward.

Daniel and Anika thought Zach would be the renom. Daniel said he’d prefer Ty get gone, but he knew Kuzie wouldn’t consider him. Daniel said Kuzie was setting herself up well in the game “but she’s blowing us up,” and he was annoyed that people kept saying they’d protect him, adding he can protect himself.

Hope and Renee chatted over pool, and Hope told her he’d been one of the votes to keep Rob, as a pity vote, and that he’d also confessed to Ty and Zach. (And Ty later told Kuzie.)

Renee asked if Vanessa was the other vote (she was), but Hope said no. Renee stressed that Hope can’t cast a pity or hinky vote this week, that they have to follow whatever Kuzie wants when the time comes.

Kuzie had a long talk with Anika in HOH, with Dan present but listening to music. Kuzie said she’d prefer Zach go rather than Ty, as Zach was playing a dirty game by flirting with Daniel and playing so aggressively.

She said Ty walks around like he’s king, but he will come to her with info. And she added “Zach angers me, Ty scares me, there’s a difference.” She said she can’t enjoy the game while he’s there.

This is all interesting because again, the last we saw, Kuzie seemed cautious about Zach but was okay working with him for the time being. But maybe that was all just her schmoozing him. If so, she did a very good job of it.

Two people standing, talking to each other, with one gesturing toward himself and looking upset
Zach learns from Ty that he might be Kuzie’s renom on BBCAN11

Finally, Ty sat down with Kuzie in HOH for a very lengthy chat. She opened by saying she’d probably put up Dan, or Zach.

Ty thought it would be Renee and he said everyone was expecting it’d be her. But Kuzie repeated what she’d told Anika and Hope, that she didn’t want to waste her HOH by getting out someone who’s not a threat, and she said getting out Renee would be seen as yet another move puppeteered by Ty and Zach.

As their talk went on, Kuzie pushed more for Zach. Ty obviously didn’t like that, and he pushed back. They both ran scenarios on who Kuzie might lose as allies depending whether she put up Zach, Dan, Renee, or even Shanaya.

Kuzie eventually got a bit heated and said “Ty, you’re trying to put things in my head.” Ty finally backed off and said it was her decision and he’d get over it.

Ty wasted no time (or at least the Digital Daily was edited to seem so) and he went to tell Zach and Hope that Kuzie hadn’t decided yet, but he told Hope he might want him to do “something crazy” and said he might need Hope to use his veto on Santina. Yep, he said that. Hope said “oh God, I decide I want to stay and then this!”

Ty then told Zach that Kuzie seemed to want to put him or Dan on the block. Zach was stunned, saying “ME?!”

Ty said Zach had upset her during some earlier talk, and came across like he was attacking her. Zach asked if he should apologize and Ty said no, Kuzie would know he’d told Zach her plan if he did that, and he said Zach has to let Ty do the talking with her.

However things turn out this week, it was good to see Zach have at least that one moment of not feeling sure of everything, and realizing he wasn’t actually in charge of the entire season.

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Joanne G

Thursday 30th of March 2023

I am missing the spoiler sections on different sites and the comment section from others watching. There is not enough content in what is shown or it is boring as I cannot even retain the names of some of the houseguests. I can't cheer for anyone as no one stands out other than Johnathan the nice one, Kuzie the conceited who doesn't really see what is going on, Zach who plays too well for the others, and Vanessa who left.


Tuesday 28th of March 2023

Not sure how you feel, but my group of people who are huge BB fans, are just not feeling it this year. We all blame the lack of live feeds as there isn't any excitement. Airing the 3 episodes in a row instead of spread out also isn't helping. I think I might bail on this season. Also, these people are trash.