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So much great Traitors US news it won’t fit in one headline!

So much great Traitors US news it won’t fit in one headline!
Alan Cumming watches for The Traitors players—and eventual winner—as they work through the episode 6 barrel-rolling mission (Image via Peacock)

The U.S. version of The Traitors will not be one of those beloved shows that will not disappear after one season, because just three weeks after its debut, Peacock has renewed The Traitors US for a second season.

There will also be a season-one reunion, so we will finally know what all of the cast members thought about the season-one finale and ending. That’s coming Feb. 28.

Alas, that reunion will be hosted by Andy Cohen and his stack of notecards. I suppose that was inevitable, considering he’s the only person inside all of NBCUniversal capable of interviewing reality TV stars.

Andy Cohen is certainly not as bad as he once was during his after-show days, but there’s considerable difference between competition reality TV and Housewives drama, and I really hope he’ll ask questions other than from dumb fans on Twitter.

Before The Traitors season 2, we’ll get more Traitors!

A man stands in the woods with his hands in the pockets of his jacket
Alan Cumming introduces the Cabin in the Woods mission on The Traitors episode 8 (Image via Peacock)

Alan Cumming will return as host and producer, thankfully; his wit and winks helped establish the show’s tone while also not making it all about himself, as other hosts sometimes tend to do.

We’re also likely to get more reality TV stars, because NBCUniversal seems pleased with itself for that decision, and also acknowledged that that casting was about trying to draw more viewers.

NBCUniversal’s entertainment chair, Susan Rovner, told Vulture’s Joe Adalian:

“We wanted to lean into what makes us unique. With Bravo and E!, we have the greatest unscripted ecosystem of any place, period, on the planet. … So the goal was to lean into our stars — people that we know would play the game great like Kate Chastain—and then also bring in some other reality stars to help broaden the audiences coming to Peacock.”

There’s no date yet for a second season—sometime in 2023? 2024?—but there is another season of The Traitors coming, too: Peacock will add The Traitors U.K. “later this year,” Rovner said.

The U.K. version started airing first, and has been praised as being even better by those who’ve seen both seasons, which use the same challenges and were filmed in the same castle. It was, however, the U.S. version that filmed first, which likely helped the production work out any issues.

Peacock’s #1 reality series

A woman with long blonde hair sitting at a table, gesturing with her right hand
Kate Chastain at breakfast on The Traitors (Image via Peacock)

Peacock did not cite specific ratings for its decision, but did say that is “the #1 Peacock Original reality series,” meaning it’s done better than original Peacock shows such as

  • The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip
  • Baking It
  • Frogger
  • Vanderpump Dogs

The streaming service also said The Traitors had “an overwhelmingly positive debut.”

In the press release, NBCUniversal’s EVP of unscripted entertainment, Corie Henson, said, “Alan Cumming is a well-dressed genius, the producers at Studio Lambert are brilliant storytellers and the show is the perfect mix of drama and suspense to keep our Traitors and Faithfuls craving more.” 

While usually I roll my eyes at press release quotes, this is one I agree with 100 percent, and I cannot wait to watch U.K. and see season two.

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Wednesday 15th of February 2023

As of today, Peacock has added the UK and Australian versions.


Friday 3rd of February 2023

This is awesome news! I can't wait to watch the UK version. This time I won't watch all the episodes in one day.

I wish they would make season 2 with just regular people. We don't need the reality stars. The game would be more fair for all the players if they were all strangers and had to get to know each other. Can't wait to see Alan again! So glad he's coming back. Thanks for the great news Andy!


Monday 13th of February 2023

@Diane, I personally enjoyed having the reality TV stars (although the show is and would be amazing regardless). I honestly can’t imagine having not had Kate on the show…I don’t watch Below Deck but she is TV gold.

Cirie and Rachel added a lot too, they were probably three of the standout personalities of the season for me so I’m glad we had the mix.

I really liked Arie too and I was really rooting for him and Cirie to split the money but after having watched Cirie play reality TV for 18 years, I am not at all surprised that she did what she did to finally get her long deserved win. She was a master at this game.

Side note, I can’t wait for season 2 and I want to be a contestant!


Friday 3rd of February 2023

As Paramount+ deletes their own original programming and pulled the bait-and-switch on airing international versions of Survivor, Peacock actually seems to have their pulse on viewers. I hope they gain some viewers and business out of it. There are some gems in their programming lineup.

So happy to see Traitors UK coming stateside and really hoping you write an article or two comparing the two if not full on recaps. It is astounding how the same exact game and challenges turned into a totally different show with a different, way-more-charming cast.

Andy Dehnart

Friday 3rd of February 2023

I will definitely be covering it! I'm especially fascinated to see the same exact structure with different players; it's rare that we've ever seen that.

Kyle B

Thursday 2nd of February 2023

This is great news!!! I'm so pumped for the UK version too. Starting a campaign now for Jeff Lewis to be on season 2.


Thursday 2nd of February 2023

Disappointed that there was no mention of what I am sure everyone wants to know - will we get more Fergus? He was so underused!