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Was HGTV’s Everything But the House cancelled? Where was J. Lo’s Behind the Music?

Was HGTV’s Everything But the House cancelled? Where was J. Lo’s Behind the Music?
Jennifer Lopez singing, as seen in her episode of Behind the Music (Image from Behind the Music via Paramount+)

In this edition of Ask Andy, I answer two questions about missing episodes:

  • Jennifer Lopez’s Behind the Music
  • the rest of season two of Lara Spencer’s HGTV show Everything But the House

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My research staff (my cat and I) will do our best to find an answer.

Where did HGTV’s Everything But the House season two go?

Jacquie Denny and Lara Spencer in Everything But the House
Jacquie Denny and Lara Spencer in Everything But the House (Photo by HGTV)

Your article about what happened to The Renovator disappearing from HGTV reminded me to ask about a similar situation with Everything but the House (EBTH) with Lara Spencer.

I discovered the first two episodes in June when season 2 premiered on Discovery+. I realized they weren’t releasing additional episodes. Since I enjoyed it and learned a few things, I decided to purchase the season via Amazon in early June. Well that too, only had two episodes. (I’ve gotten a refund from my purchase.) I Googled the series and everything tells me that season 2 started 28 May 2022. TV Guide outlines 10 total episodes.

It’s been a head-scratcher mystery for me. I’ve been think I need to talk to someone who has cable and see if they can see the episodes on demand. I’ve followed you since close to your beginning days and it never dawned on me to ask you! Thoughts? Thanks for everything. —Laura

When already filmed, already produced shows disappear, it’s definitely a head-scratcher for me, too, Laura!

Alas, that’s what’s been happening a lot at Warner Bros. Discovery. After the merger, it promptly started purging shows, including ones that’d already been produced, in order to save money.

My first thought was that Everything but the House could have been an early victim of that. Its first—and only—two episodes aired May 28, a few weeks before TBS axed JoJo Fletcher’s reality competition.

When HGTV announced season two of Everything but the House in May, its press release noted that season one “attracted 13.2 million viewers,” and said HGTV ordered a second, 10-episode season.

I confirmed the episodes aren’t on demand, as they never aired on HGTV, which is why they never made it to Discovery+.

So I asked HGTV what happened to it: Would it return? Was it cancelled? Was that because of the merger? A spokesperson told me:

“The series is no longer in production for HGTV.”

That doesn’t explain the why, of course, but I think it does make it clear that Everything But the House is not coming back.

What happened to Jennifer Lopez’s Behind the Music episode?

A photo of Jennifer Lopez as featured in her episode of Behind the Music
A photo of Jennifer Lopez as featured in her episode of Behind the Music (Image from Behind the Music via Paramount+)

When Paramount Plus launched, they promoted a Jennifer Lopez episode of behind the music and even included footage from it and the trailer and a picture of her is on the show tile. However the episode never premiered. Any way to ask Paramount what happened? —Marc

The short answer is: no idea why, Marc, as I couldn’t find an answer when you asked this late last spring. However, there’s an update!

As you said, Behind the Music was one of Paramount+’s marquee shows, and was mentioned in a Sept. 2020 press release.

When the first season was announced, in May 2021, an episode about Jennifer Lopez was one of the six mentioned, and that was true again in July 2021, when Paramount+ said “Jennifer Lopez, LL Cool J, Ricky Martin, Fat Joe and Huey Lewis are among the artists featured in the new Paramount+ Original Series.”

Ricky Martin and LL Cool J were featured in the first two episodes, and Huey Lewis in the third and Fat Joe in the eighth. Of course, Jennifer Lopez’s episode never aired.

A year after the first season—er, batch of episodes—more episodes premiered, and Jennifer Lopez was not among them.

Now, at long last, Jennifer Lopez is part of the new season that just launched on Nov. 29.

Technically, Paramount+ is still referring to this as season one, covering episodes 19 through 29, because Hollywood and contracts are weird like that.

Besides Jennifer Lopez, the newest episodes feature:

  • Jason Aldean
  • Boy George
  • Christina Aguilera
  • Hootie & the Blowfish
  • Motley Crue
  • Gloria Estefan
  • Pink
  • Remy Ma
  • TLC

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