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Fall reality TV is here! And here are your picks and recommendations

Fall reality TV is here! And here are your picks and recommendations
Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan kicks off season 34 in Munich, Germany, which will air during the fall 2022 reality TV premiere week. (Photo by Kit Karzen/CBS)

After a long, hot summer of reality TV that was surprisingly amazing, surprisingly successful, weird, predictable, and/or disappointing, it’s time for fall TV premiere week, which is still a thing despite how much television premieres year-round now. 

A lot of new reality TV—okay, and scripted TV!—is coming your way this week. There are more than two dozen reality TV shows premiering this week

Those include the return of the big network competitions: Survivor (with a two-hour premiere!), The Amazing RaceThe Masked SingerLego Masters, and Shark Tank. Meanwhile, Dancing with the Stars leaves network TV and moves to Disney+ tonight.

Documentary series include the new PBS/Ken Burns documentary series about The U.S. and the Holocaust (all episodes are now streaming free), and an MTV documentary series about The Challenge which I’m guessing won’t explore what we learned last week

As part of the new season, I’m starting a new feature, which I have creatively titled Your Turn. I love hearing about what you are watching, and appreciate your recommendations! And I know you

Every few weeks, I’ll ask a question here and on social media, and then compile some of the answers you gave. Before we get to this week’s answers, here’s your…

Next question: What’s your favorite streaming service for reality TV, and why? Just e-mail your answer to me. And read on for this week’s answers!

Your Turn: Fall reality TV recommendations

Survivor host and showrunner Jeff Probst, photographed before the start of Survivor 43
Survivor host and showrunner Jeff Probst, photographed before the start of Survivor 43. (Photo by Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment)

Thanks for sharing your picks for fall reality TV!

It’s probably no surprise that Survivor is at the the top of many of your lists, along with Netflix’s revival of The Mole, but there are plenty of other shows, too, cable and network and streaming, new and old.

Here are some of the shows y’all are looking forward to and/or recommend:

Ryan Vickers: Amazing Race USA (been enjoying Amazing Race Canada as always this summer). Also I’ll turn my Netflix account back on just for The Mole.

Kim Six: Ink Masters and The Mole. Of course I’ll be watching TAR and Survivor but they are becoming like Sunday night football… no matter how bad the game and teams get, I’ll still watch.

Lisa Miller: Great British Bake Off, Survivor, and I’m going to check out the new Ink Master. Also Halloween Baking Championship. I’m a sucker for most cooking/baking competition shows.

Jolene Boyken Mittelstedt: The Amazing Race (Phil!!!!) and Celebrity Jeopardy.

Rhonda Jackson: Amazing Race, The Mole, The Real Love Boat (I might be the only one, lol)

Raul Fuentes Jr: Ink Master! New host, judges are past contestants and it’s a All Star cast!

Benita Routman: I always look forward to new seasons of The Amazing Race, Great British Bake Off, and Top Chef. Those are always must see for me. Survivor too.

Matt Harrington: Ink Master (intrigued to see what exactly Dave’s new role will be), The Hype (S1 was a surprise find), GBBO, Survivor

Marc Goldberg: My all time favorite, The Amazing Race. Can’t wait to see where they get to visit this season!

Kari Kennedy: Survivor and TAR for sure. And, I’m embarrassed to say, Bachelor in Paradise.

Jen Beckwith: BIP FOR LIFE 🎉🎊🎉 It’s the best reality show ever!

Damien Roberts: Survivor always

Cindy Cunningham Messer: The Mole, hoping it will be good

Rob Butkus: Halloween Wars and Ink Masters

Jonathan Spiller: Survivor 43, excited to hear about new cast’s strategies for winning, excited to hear Jeff Probst talk more about the game twists this season.

Lynne Snyder: The Amazing Race, the Mole and Top Chef Canada.

Michael Harmstone: Probably Traitors UK. I’m looking more towards the start of next year for stuff I’m really excited about though.

Fiona Lamb: Survivor, all the baking shows like Halloween Baking, Top Chef, Top Chef Canada.

Chris Anderson: The Mole and I hope The Great Pottery Throw Down is coming back at some point.

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Monday 19th of September 2022

Do we know more about when The Traitors UK will premiere, and how to watch it in the US? Michael TH's response has me curious!

Michael Harmstone

Wednesday 21st of September 2022

@Casey, As far as I know it's still planned for this year, so I'd expect some news in the next few weeks. It filmed right after the US one did though.


Monday 19th of September 2022

Michael H*