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Claim to Fame has a goat and a godfather. Is it becoming Survivor?

Claim to Fame has a goat and a godfather. Is it becoming Survivor?
Kevin and Frankie Jonas during Claim to Fame episode 4 (Photo by John Fleenor/ABC)

Survivor’s goat has entered the Claim to Fame game, and she is Simone Biles’ sister, Louise.

Because everyone knows who Louise is related to, and Louise knows everyone knows who she’s related to, she’s a safe guess.

Instead of ensuring their safety by identifying her relative during a Guess Off, the other players want to keep her around until the end.

I’m not sure we or they know what the finale will look like, but they seem convinced that having an easy guess at that stage will help them, and that seems like a reasonable assumption.

Meanwhile, everyone knows who Brittany Favre is related to—Packers star Brett Favre—but they see her as a threat they want to get out of the house, even though she has no idea who anyone else is.

I’m not quite sure why she doesn’t fall in the same category as Louise, but the result was Brittany got played, hard, by Dominique. “I call Dom the Domfather. She is good at this game,” Brittany said after losing the Guess Off and being sent home because she went with Dominique’s suggestion.

The episode’s description said “The Guesser goes with a bold choice as their target,” so I actually expected Brittany to call out Dominique, blindsiding everyone.

But then I remembered I’m watching Claim to Fame, which is not as clever or devious in its editing or marketing as, say, Survivor.

Brittany Favre makes her Claim to Fame guess—and then is revealed as Brett Favre's daughter
Brittany Favre makes her Claim to Fame guess—and then is revealed as Brett Favre’s daughter. (Photo by John Fleenor/ABC)

Claim to Fame continues to spoil its own game, revealing people’s identity to us, which I’m still frustrated with, because I want to play along—or I at least want to have some feeling of suspense when even the obvious relatives’ identities are revealed.

Just look at the other players during the Guess Off: covering their faces, looking away. There’s so much tension there! I want more of that in the actual show.

This week we learned that L.C. is Keke Palmer’s sister. I appreciated the focus on L.C., and how she’s facing her “horrible social anxiety” by being on the show; her emotion after winning the challenge was raw and real.

The challenge: wear a conspicuous clue while parading down a runway. This was a literal fashion challenge, judged by Project Runway alum Nick Verreos and two other people whose names I didn’t write down.

The players had a room full of other clothes to wear in addition to their item. The problem with this is that some of the clues were small, like a necklace, and others were extremely conspicuous, like L.C.’s bee wings and antennae and Louise’s red white and blue ribbon.

“People already know who I am, so it’s just going to solidify it,” she said. Poor Louise can’t even catch a break from the challenge producers!

L.C., Keke Palmer's sister, won the Clue Couture challenge wearing an Akeelah and the Bee clue
L.C., Keke Palmer’s sister, won the Clue Couture challenge wearing an Akeelah and the Bee clue. (Photo by John Fleenor/ABC)

The obviousness of some clue clothes/accessories made it too easy for some of the other players to identify what was in the costume room and what wasn’t.

Here’s what they had to wear:

  • Dominique: a pinstripe jacket
  • Pepper: a jacket and red pocket square
  • Amara: a cross necklace as a reference to Whoopi’s role in Sister Act
  • Kai: a white dress
  • Louise: red, white, and blue ribbon
  • Lark: cut-off shorts worn in a commercial
  • Brittany: a 747 jet t-shirt, a reference to Brett Favre playing for the Jets
  • L.C.: bee wings and antenna, a reference to Keke Palmer’s breakout role in Akeelah and the Bee
  • Logan: a cowboy hat

Dominique didn’t see Kai’s white dress in the room; Pepper knew that Amara had a practically empty bag so she correctly identified the cross necklace as the clue.

The judging was pretty questionable, because Pepper ended up in the bottom two, dinged for her jacket, which was the required item.

When a judge suggested she take it off, she said, “I had to keep the jacket on.” It’s interesting that other players read as her trying to throw them off; it’s shitty she really couldn’t take it off even when the judges suggested she do so.

Pepper seemed to lose the challenge as a result of the thing the producers made her wear. Bad challenge producers, bad!

However, her fellow players spared her from having to make another guess by voting for Brittany instead.

For some reason, they all think of Brittany as a threat—even though Brittany doesn’t know anyone except Louise, and everyone is confident in Brittany’s relative.

Did I miss something that makes Brittany such a threat?

When Brittany chatted with Dominique, she basically said she had no guess except Louise, who Dom and others want to keep around.

“Give me an option,” Brittany said, so Dom did: Dom said Kai is related Andra Day, the Grammy-winning and Golden Globe-winning star of the recent Billie Holiday film. Her evidence was the white dress, which reminded her of Billie Holiday.

But Dominique was doing more than helping Brittany out.

“In the event that we’re wrong, will it be a loss if Brittany’s gone? I don’t think so,” she said. This sounded diabolical—and likely constructed in editing, as it was a clunky frankenbite that we heard without actually seeing Dom say any part of the sentence.

Logan, meanwhile, is full of information. Not only is he the go-to for knowledge about sports games—he confirmed Brett Favre played for the Jets—but he also helped L.C. decipher her clue.

L.C. chose to get a clue about Dominique, telling us “I want to make it worth it” and “nobody knows Dominique,” who is “the next piece I want to get off the board.”

The rebus clue revealed that Dom’s relative was a “Speaker at the Million Man March.”

L.C. said, “Is Martin Luther King her father?” 

Oh no! I was in high school during the Million Man March; L.C. was five or six, if the Internet has her birth year of 1989 correct. So I knew it certainly wasn’t MLK.

Then again, who knows all the speakers at an event held a quarter century ago? The only person I could think of was Louis Farrakhan, since he organized it.

L.C. went to Logan, who she said “is our resident Black history expert.” Then she laughed, “They’re going to take my Black card, un-invite me from the barbecue, give it to Logan.”

Logan guessed John Lewis, but Lewis actually didn’t participate. It’s a tough clue, especially compared to “quarterback for the Packers.”

Again, there’s wild inconsistency between the clues that the Claim to Fame producers are offering—or maybe it’s just that some people are much more well-known.

Either way, L.C. going for Dominique’s clue—and her declaration that “It’s time to get rid of her”—set up next week’s episode, which is titled “The Domfather Part II.” I can’t wait.

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Wednesday 3rd of August 2022

"Did I miss something that makes Brittany such a threat?"

Did you miss last week's episode? I think they were intimidated by how hard she was playing the game, granted that inevitably ended up being her downfall considering she refused to take the easy guess in Louise

Andy Dehnart

Wednesday 3rd of August 2022

I didn't see reverberations this week from Brittany telling Lark to send L.C.—and at the very least, it seemed to just be a reaction to Dom and X targeting her.

This episode, at least, Brittany was passive, asking Dom who she should vote for. I guess on the scale of Louise to Dom, Brittany is closer to Dom in terms of attempting some strategy, but I still don't see that as a huge threat, especially since she doesn't appear to have any allies.