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Where did Chopped’s warehouse set go? Killer Camp season 2 is back?

Where did Chopped’s warehouse set go? Killer Camp season 2 is back?
Chris Santos, Alex Guarnaschelli, and Eric Adjepong at the judges table for Chopped's "Playing with Fire: Hog Heaven" episode, which was held on a temporary, larger set.

In this episode of Ask Andy, my Q&A column where I attempt to answer your questions about reality TV shows, a question about the Food Network competition Chopped’s summer 2021 set, and about the return of Killer Camp on The CW.

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What happened to Chopped’s spacious set?

Chopped host Ted Allen on the show's summer 2021 set
Chopped host Ted Allen on the show’s summer 2021 set

Do you know why Chopped briefly had a new huge expensive looking studio/set, but then went back to its regular studio? About a year ago, episodes might be set in either studio, but the new studio seems to have disappeared.

I prefer the old studio, but it seems crazy to me that they would have gone to the expense and trouble of setting up a new space if they weren’t going to use it. I thought you might have some insight. Thanks as always for your excellent coverage of all things reality. —Sharon F.

Thanks for the question, Sharon, and the kind words!

As much as I appreciate the familiar, cozy Chopped set, I did like the new one, mostly because of its spaciousness and brightness.

I’m not sure what exactly prompted the specific change at that time. However, Chopped has changed locations before, most notably using outdoor sets for “Grill Masters,” the “Comfort Food Feud” in 2020, and last year’s terrible “Martha’s Rules” with Martha Stewart.

Certainly, in recent years, COVID may be a reason, as more spacious, well-ventilated areas—or outdoor areas—are more desirable, even for a vaccinated and tested cast and crew.

When the new set you’re referring to debuted last summer, Food Network called it “the new summertime Chopped set!” so it was framed as temporary from the start.

Ted Allen tweeted that it was a “huge, 150-year old factory building we used for this run of shows,” and noted it was for the July 27, 2021, episode, and “several more coming.” Ted also praised “the fantastic job our art team did decking it out.”

That set ended up mostly being used for the five-episode “Playing with Fire” tournament.

When the new set premiered at the end of July 2021, and judge Mark Murphy and host Ted Allen gave a video tour of it.

Ted points out that the refrigerators and stand mixers are about 200 feet apart, so the contestants had a lot more ground to cover. But they also only had one ice cream machine—”because we like drama,” Ted says.

That may be the best explanation for the switch: something new = more drama.

Is Killer Camp season 2 returning?

Killer Camp season 2's first death scene ended with this ridiculous head explosion
Killer Camp season 2’s first death scene ended with this ridiculous head explosion. (Image from Killer Camp)

I see Killer Camp is on the schedule for August 5. Is this going to be the full airing of the 2nd season that got pulled last year after a couple episodes? —Chris


Killer Camp season two was technically the first season of the American version; season one was a UK show that The CW acquired to broadcast in the United States.

That 2021 season aired just two episodes being pulled off the schedule last October. They had super-low ratings, just over 150,000 viewers each.

Since the entire series was filmed, The CW might as well air it—and it’s not like The CW has much else right now. (The CW is being sold by its current owners, Paramount and Warner Bros. Discovery, and it has cancelled many of its scripted shows.)

So season two is back this summer, premiering later this week, and The CW will start over, rebroadcasting the two episodes that previously aired:

  • Aug. 5: “A Smashing Sequel” (repeat)
  • Aug. 12: “Don’t Lose Your Head” (repeat)
  • Aug. 19: “Killer Tan”
  • Aug. 26: “Murder on the Dance Floor”

So whether you missed season two, forgot what happens, or just want to re-watch, you’ll be able to see the all episodes of the second season.

I definitely recommend checking it out, if you like silly horror—it’s totally ridiculous, but also frequently fun, even though the format is far from perfect.

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Mike b.

Wednesday 3rd of August 2022

I hate having just the 1 ice cream maker. Just sayin'.


Wednesday 3rd of August 2022

Me too Melissa! Such silly fun.


Wednesday 3rd of August 2022

I LOVE Killer Camp! I'm so excited it's back!