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Amazing Race 34 is filming now. Here’s where the teams have been so far.

Amazing Race 34 is filming now. Here’s where the teams have been so far.
Amazing Race 34 host Phil Keoghan in front of the charter plane TAR 34 is using to transport teams around the world. This is a screenshot of a video CBS posted to social media.

The Amazing Race 34 is filming now, traveling through Europe and eastern Asia on charter flights, and has so far visited at least one country the race has never been to before.

TAR 34 will be paired with Survivor and air Wednesday nights this fall.

On Wednesday afternoon, CBS’s official Amazing Race social media channels posted a video with host Phil Keoghan in front of the charter plane, saying, “The engines are starting up on The Amazing Race charter.”

Visible above Phil Keoghan is the plane’s tail number, which is painted on the underside of the wing: G-POWH.

That’s the same tail number as the Titan Airways Boeing 757-200 used last year—and allows us to follow the plane in real time.

A charter plane with Amazing Race's logo lands at LAX on Sept. 16, filmed by LAX Videography and Spotting. That plane, which did not have the Amazing Race logo earlier this year, appears to be involved in TAR33's filming.
TAR 33’s charter plane with Amazing Race’s logo lands at LAX on Sept. 16, 2021, filmed by LAX Videography and Spotting.

However, in Phil’s video, the plane does not have “The Amazing Race” painted on its front above and between the two doors, as it did last fall.

The plane was filmed taking off in Munich two weeks ago, and did not have the show’s logo as part of its livery.

When The Amazing Race 33 resumed filming, with four of its teams dropping out during the pandemic, it had the teams start each leg in a group based on their finish in the previous leg.

While that wasn’t perfect—there was very little movement during several legs—it did mean there were no equalizers, which was just one reason why I thought Amazing Race 33 was such a satisfying season.

Where Amazing Race 34 is going

Where countries is TAR 34 traveling to? This video CBS posted to social media shows the plane's tail number, allowing us to see where it's been.
Where countries is TAR 34 traveling to? This video CBS posted to social media shows the plane’s tail number, allowing us to see where it’s been.

Because flight data is public, the plane is being tracked in real time by Flight Aware and sites like PlaneFinder and FlightRadar24.

They show the plane left Los Angeles on Sunday, May 22, and has landed in the following destinations during the 10 days since then:

  • Munich, Germany
  • Bologna, Italy
  • Turin, Italy
  • Aqaba, Jordan
  • Blagnac, France
  • London, England
  • Malaga, Spain
  • Keflavik, Iceland
  • Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Those may or may not be actual destinations for the teams, while legs of the race might visit nearby cities and places.

For example, there are reports on social media that TAR34 teams visited Innsbruck, Austria, so local regional transportation such as trains could be involved, though teams did not use public transportation on TAR33.

The plane is now in Jordan, which will be the race’s first visit to that country.

Jordan, which borders Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Israel, and the West Bank, has “around 100,000 archaeological and tourist sites,” according to Wikipedia, ranging from the shores of the Dead Sea to Wadi Rum, a stunning sandstone valley where movies such as The Martian, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Prometheus, and Lawrence of Arabia have filmed scenes.

TAR34 sightings in Italy

TAR 33's final six teams on the charter plane that flew them around the world after the break
TAR 33’s final six teams on the charter plane that flew them around the world after the break. (Image via CBS)

The Amazing Race season 34’s teams and crews have been spotted repeatedly throughout Italy.

Someone posted a photo of the show’s check-in mat and said, in a Reddit post, that it was at the Sanctuary of the Madonna di San Luca in Bologna.

In that thread, someone else said they saw contestants and crews in Florence, Italy, and a different person posted a photo of filming at the mat in Florence. (Neither photo shows teams or spoils the results of the race.)

That Florence photo was posted Monday, the same day as someone reported a sighting on Reddit: “We were having dinner in Florence tonight and could see teams completing challenges across the Arno river, near the Uffizi Gallery and the Canottieri Firenze sporting club.”

I’ll keep updating as the plane moves and people spot the race.

Interestingly, Amazing Race Canada is also filming now, too, so there are sightings of its crews on social media.

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Thursday 23rd of June 2022

I was in Ronda, Spain two weeks ago and saw the camera crew filming.

Leigh Anne

Sunday 19th of June 2022

99% sure they ran directly in front of us in Nashville on Thursday night, June 16 while we were on a Murder in Music City Tour lol....

Charles chiaradia ferreira

Sunday 12th of June 2022

June 13 2022, we were just surprised today around 11:30 am at Malaga/Spain by 2 of the team asking us where was “the cube” at Malaga port!!


Thursday 2nd of June 2022

I saw on Twitter that someone spotted Claire and Derek X (from BB23) on the race together