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Bachelorette 19 will have two bachelorettes, and other changes

Bachelorette 19 will have two bachelorettes, and other changes
New Bachelorette 19 stars Gabby and Rachel along with fellow Bachelor 26 loser/winner Susie. (Photo by Craig Sjodin/ABC)

There will be two stars of The Bachelorette when it returns to ABC this summer, and not like season 16, when Clare Crawley ended her run early and Tayshia Adams became the new bachelorette.

Instead, Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia “will stand by each other’s side yet again,” as ABC said, referring to how they were both unceremoniously dumped by The Bachelor 26 villain Clayton Echard during the two-part season finale.

Clayton ended up with Susie, even though she rejected him in Iceland during the finale, so now they can have a lifetime of memories together until they break up in two months.

Will Gabby and Rachel actually be by each others’ side during The Bachelorette 19? Or will its producers pit them against each other to create woman vs. woman drama?

That’s to be seen. But we do know about a few other changes ahead for The Bachelorette, too.

Bachelor 26 host Jesse Palmer during the finale; he'll return to the franchise to host The Bachelorette 19
Bachelor 26 host Jesse Palmer during the finale; he’ll return to the franchise to host The Bachelorette 19. (Photo by Craig Sjodin/ABC)

While Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe hosted the last two seasons of The Bachelorette, they’re not returning.

Instead, new Bachelor host Jesse Palmer will host The Bachelorette 19.

Another change is to the show’s schedule. There were two Bachelorette shows last year alone, but The Bachelorette 19 won’t air until mid-July.

That’s two months later than the show’s typical May debut. (The past three seasons were not on the usual schedule, either, because of the pandemic.)

As to the major casting twist, double-star season is—coincidentally?—the exact same casting twist that the revival of Joe Millionaire used earlier this year. So now ABC is essentially following in the footsteps of a show that began its life as a parody of The Bachelor and shows that. (Of course, they’re both following A Double Shot at Love, which had two stars in 2008, and again in its 2019 revival.)

Considering the DRAMATIC! SHOCKING! end to The Bachelor, it does at least make thematic sense. Now producers can continue Gabby and Rachel’s storylines past far beyond Iceland.

After all, the entire Bachelor franchise is nothing more than an ongoing soap opera that feeds fans’ and tabloids’ insatiable lust for drama, which is how it’s survived so long despite rarely producing actual relationships. So this works perfectly.

Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia were announced as the new Bachelorettes during the Bachelor season 26 finale
Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia were announced as the new Bachelorettes during the Bachelor season 26 finale. (Photo by Craig Sjodin/ABC)

Here are ABC’s bios for its new Bachelorettes:

Gabby Windey

Gabby Windey is much more than meets the eye. Not only is she beautiful, but she also has a lot of substance, emotional depth and a wealth of lived experiences. Windey is looking for a man with quiet confidence. She doesn’t have a physical type but says that if he doesn’t have a personality, then it’s a hard pass. Her ideal man will challenge her, communicate his feelings and work hard to equally carry the weight of the relationship. Her one nonnegotiable? Whatever man captures Windey’s heart must also have room in their life for her four-legged friend because she and her goldendoodle, Leonardo, are a package deal. While Windey would love to find a man, she isn’t the type to lose herself in a relationship. She’s hoping to find a man who will love her for the independent woman she is.

Rachel Recchia

Rachel Recchia is a fearless frequent flyer looking for a man who will travel the world with her. After recently earning her private pilot license, the future is nothing but sunny skies ahead for Recchia and now she is hoping to find a co-pilot that matches her sense of adventure. As a hopeless romantic, she is looking for someone who is as playful, passionate and spontaneous as she is. He should be nurturing, empathetic and MUST be respectful in all facets of life – to her, to family and especially to waiters. In the end, Recchia wants to find crazy, insane love that makes sense to no one else but her and her soul mate.

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