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Chris Kattan left Celebrity Big Brother

Chris Kattan left Celebrity Big Brother
Chris Kattan during the Celebrity Big Brother 3 nomination ceremony (Image from Big Brother via CBS)

One of Celebrity Big Brother 3’s houseguests has exited the house and the game, but not as a result of a vote and a live eviction: Former SNL star Chris Kattan left after 15 days in the Big Brother soundstage house.

While CBS says that “fans will also be able to watch the 24/7 live feed,” those feeds were not actually live or feeding footage from the house during much of the day on Wednesday, so it’s not clear why or exactly when he left.

However, we do have some clues, and know when Kattan’s exit will be addressed on the show.

Chris Kattan waits to see if he will be voted out of the Celebrity Big Brother 3 house
Chris Kattan waits to see if he will be voted out of the Celebrity Big Brother 3 house. (Image from Big Brother via CBS)

Chris Kattan—who’s best known for his SNL impersonations and characters, including Mango and one of The Roxbury Guys—was nominated for Celebrity Big Brother 3’s second eviction, and talked as if he was leaving, but received zero votes.

After that, host Julie Chen Moonves told EW:

Honestly, I think he meant every word. And guess what? The voting Houseguests didn’t care! They want to keep Kattan in because of that reason… he’s not a threat. He doesn’t seem to care if he stays or goes.

Kattan is not currently nominated; Carson Kressley and Cynthia Bailey are.

Feedwatcher Hamsterwatch tweeted that Kattan was, during his time in the CBBUS3 house, “a real one, and a pleasure for the short time we had him.”

Hamsterwatch noted Monday that, on the show, Kattan said during a Diary Room interview, “I don’t want to go home, I’m having a great time.”

But Hamsterwatch added that “he’s barely been seen on feeds since.”

Chris Kattan during the first HOH competition on Celebrity Big Brother 3
Chris Kattan during the first HOH competition on Celebrity Big Brother 3. (Image from Big Brother via CBS)

Reality BBQ tweeted an image of what is suspected to be “the last shot of Kattan on the feeds,” noting that was when he was called to the Diary Room at 9:30 a.m. PT.

Reality BBQ noted that “Feeds were up and down the next two hours until going down the rest of the afternoon for veto” and that “Todd [Bridges] mentioned him as late as 11:15 so they weren’t aware at that point.”

The other players don’t seem to know exactly how this will affect the game, but know he’s gone: After saying “when Chris Kattan was still here,” Todrick Hall added that his exit “has thrown a huge curveball into the game.”

Kattan’s exit will be covered on Celebrity Big Brother’s episode this Friday. Us Weekly’s Sharon Tharp tweeted that she asked CBS, and the network said “this will be addressed in Friday’s show.”

Of course, Big Brother does not have a great track record of reflecting reality.

Late Wednesday, Chris Kattan’s Instagram posted a photo of him with the caption “I just met a girl named Maria!,” and then on Thursday posted a promo for a sketch on YouTube—as if he’d never been on Big Brother at all.

Update, Friday: During the Celebrity Big Brother episode that aired Friday, Chris Kattan was basically missing from the first 15 minutes, though he was

After both Carson Kressley and Cynthia Bailey were nominated for eviction, Carson said in the Diary Room, “Chris Kattan basically said he wanted to go home in his first nomination, and then he wasn’t feeling well in the last HOH competition, so just let the guy go.”

He told Chris Kirkpatrick, “I want to go back home,” and then went into the Diary Room, where he sighed. That was all we saw.

The producers sent the cast a note saying, “Chris Kattan will not be continuing in the Big Brother game. He wants you all to know that he’s okay and that he’ll be sending a video message later to address his departure.”

Shortly after, we saw Kattan’s exit message, filmed in the Diary Room, which began:

“I think a lot of you know that this experience has been a difficult thing for me to do, and I know my departure seemed abrupt. But I want you to know that each one of you has impacted my life so much.”

He then addressed each houseguest directly, and concluded with, “Let’s keep our friendships, our chemistry, and all that happiness alive.”

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Richard H.

Thursday 10th of February 2022

When a publicist tells a potential celeb houseguest about Celebrity Big Brother, the celeb should do their homework to see if they are cut out for it and not just jump on the the opportunity just for the appearance cash and/or the winner cash.

Mike b.

Thursday 10th of February 2022

@Richard H., yes 100%. And I think after he broke his neck it's been a tough road.