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What happened to Instant Hotel? The Quest? Finding Bigfoot? Marrying Millions? Last Alaskans? Karma? Consumed?

What happened to Instant Hotel? The Quest? Finding Bigfoot? Marrying Millions? Last Alaskans? Karma? Consumed?
Juliet Ashworth and Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, Instant Hotel season 2s judges

In today’s Ask Andy, I’m cleaning out the inbox with several questions about past and future seasons of various reality shows. Some I have clear answers to; others, I’m reporting what I don’t know!

Will there be an Instant Hotel season 3?

Babe and Bondi's Instant Hotel
Babe and Bondi hosted a margarita party in their Instant Hotel, “Margaritaville,” complete with a shirtless bartender. (Image via Netflix)

Any idea if there will be more instant hotel seasons? —Jackie, via Twitter

It’s been almost three years since Instant Hotel season two premiered in Australia, and alas, there’s no word of a season three.

If you search the Internet for news—which I just did, to make sure I hadn’t missed something—you’ll find plenty of actual clickbait articles with their incomprehensible, bizarrely phrased, keyword-filled sentences. Some of them suggest a season three is coming or has been cast, but they’re just using our hopes to earn ad revenue.

That said, I really do hope Instant Hotel gets a third season, or the format gets picked up by Netflix or an American production company, because it’s the perfect combination of travelogue and trashy drama. As traveling resumes, it’s an ideal time to showcase short-term rentals, with a side of drama, of course.

If you haven’t seen it, or just want to rewatch, both seasons are still on Netflix; I rewatched both last year, and they were just as entertaining on a second watch. (Here are my reviews: season one and season two.)

What happened to Consumed?

Melba Wilson on CNBC Consumed restaurant show
Melba Wilson, owner of Melba’s, on CNBC’s fascinating series Consumed: The Real Restaurant Business. (Photo by CNBC)

There used to be a show on CNBC about the Meatball Shop and Melba’s restaurants called “Consumed” I think? I really enjoyed it but kind of forgot about it. Did it have a second season? I’m thinking it did not or maybe I missed it. All the good quality shows never seem to be renewed I could never find it after that first season and don’t think I knew about your newsletters. —Gena

Consumed: The Real Restaurant was a great show that I really enjoyed. Alas, the 2015 series only lasted for one season, and was not renewed.

However, you can watch that entire first season for free on Peacock, NBCUniversal’s streaming service.

By the way, the owner of Melba’s, Melba Wilson, is currently a judge on Discovery+’s The Great Soul Food Cook-Off, along with Eric Adjepong. New episodes start streaming on Saturdays.

Why did Finding Bigfoot get cancelled?

Finding Bigfoot cast
Finding Bigfoot team members Ranae Holland, James “Bobo” Fay, Matt Moneymaker, and Cliff Barackman. (Photo by Luis Ascui/Animal Planet)

I loved the show Finding Bigfoot. I loved the people on the show and still see Cliff on a show or two. I would like to know why it is not still making shows. Did the [characters] decide they had enough of running around at night in the woods, or was it a management decision? Either way, I really miss that show. —Vernon

When it premiered—a special episode that aired behind River Monsters—about 1.4 million people watched, and its first season averaged about 1.2 million viewers.

Its finale, a two-hour special that aired May 27, 2018, was watched by just 604,000 people. After 100 episodes, it basically ran its course.

However, all of its cast members returned earlier this year with another two-hour special, Finding Bigfoot: The Search Continues, which premiered on Discovery+.

Like almost all of Discovery+’s alleged “exclusive” programming, however, it’s made its way to cable TV, airing on Animal Planet earlier this fall, alongside regular marathons of Finding Bigfoot episodes, one of which starts this afternoon.

I’d assume that if the special does well, we might see more episodes in the future. For now, if you like shows where people search for things that don’t exist, I’d recommend checking out basically any of Travel Channel’s programs.

Is The Quest season 2 still happening?

The Quest on ABC

I was really excited to hear that The Quest would have a new season on Disney Plus, which I know obviously was delayed due to the pandemic, but I was wondering if you can find out if it is still in the works for whenever filming would be safe to do again? I hope that it hasn’t been cancelled altogether. Keep up the great work, take care. —Logan

Yes! Season two filmed in Napa Valley earlier this year, with teenage contestants, and I’ve confirmed it was in post-production as of late this summer.

While Disney+ has not yet announced a premiere date, I’d expect we’ll see it in 2022.

Why is Karma missing from HBO Max?

The first team challenge on Karma
The first team challenge on Karma (Photo by HBO Max)

One more mystery maybe you can help solve. I had been wanting to watch Karma on HBO Max, but the series has been pulled from the streaming service and has disappeared, which seems so strange that they pulled an original series like that. I tried to do some research online to figure out why but never found anything. Just seems super odd. —Logan

I agree, Logan: Karma’s fate really is an odd mystery.

Karma, which was basically a new version of Endurance, was one of the launch series on HBO Max, and when it was first announced, in the fall of 2019, HBO Max’s EVP of originals, Jennifer O’Connell, said in a press release that Karma was one of the “incredible additions to our growing list of HBO Max kids originals.”

And then, just a few months after premiering, it vanished. HBO Max’s public response, to fans asking on both Twitter and Reddit, has been this copied-and-pasted response:

“HBO Max is always evaluating the content available on our service and Karma will no longer be available.”

I think we can agree that that’s some corporate-speak bullshit. But I do not know why it disappeared. I’ve repeatedly asked HBO Max, and received no response; I’ve also asked other contacts, and no one knows why it was pulled.

The show was casting for a second season, and I’ve learned that there was some pre-production work being done on challenges. Of course, there was ultimately never a second season. If you know what happened to the first, please let me know.

When will Marrying Millions return?

Do you know when this show will be back? —Wendy

The Lifetime series aired its second season earlier this year; it’s now on Hulu. But it has not yet been renewed for a third season, and Lifetime hasn’t said anything about it officially since then.

Could that be because of what happened with one of its stars? The most-recent news about the show is that one of its cast members, Bill Hutchison, was charged with sexually assaulting a teenager this summer. He says he’s innocent.

Hutchison was on both seasons of the show; during the first season, he was 61 and his fiance was 21, and they met when she was 18.

Is The Last Alaskans returning?

The Last Alaskans season 4, Krin Nelson
Krin Nelson, Heimo and Edna Korth’s daughter, was featured on The Last Alaskans season 4 along with her family. (Photo by Discovery Channel)

When will another season of The Last Alaskans begin? —Linda B.

Season three of The Last Alaskans premiered three years ago, so by now I think it’s safe to say that another season is not on its way.

I love the show, and reported on how it was produced behind the scenes. Over the years, I’ve repeatedly asked Discovery and others about its future, and alas, there’s been no official or unofficial word. It has effectively been cancelled.

However, in today’s TV landscape is that, rather than take a chance on new, unknown titles, a lot of networks and streaming services are reviving old series. I hope The Last Alaskans will one day be among those to return.

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Tuesday 7th of December 2021

A few months ago, someone on IG asked Nonie from Marrying Millions if the show was returning and she basically said no due to a certain cast member’s criminal charges. I’m sure she was referring to Bill.


Tuesday 7th of December 2021

I went to check Jack's (winner of Karma) insta to see if I could reach out to see if he knew why Karma got pulled from HBO Max. Unfortunately he only took messages from those who follow him, but I noticed in the comments of his only post that someone had actually already asked him that question. His response was, "I wish I could give you a good answer *shrug emoji*".


Tuesday 7th of December 2021

@Andy Dehnart, No problem! I interpreted it like he's also in the dark and/or is getting some sort of runaround from the network. Have you considered reaching out to the host? She's fairly active on social media. Granted she could be under some sort of a gag contractually.

Andy Dehnart

Tuesday 7th of December 2021

Interesting! Thanks for checking. I suppose this could means he knows but cannot say, or that he (like everyone I've talked to) just doesn't have an answer. The mystery continues.