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21 of my favorite reality TV stories from 2021

21 of my favorite reality TV stories from 2021
Some of my favorite writing and reporting this year was about The Amazing Race, The Mole, Big Brother, The Masked Singer, Top Chef, and other reality TV shows.(Photo composite of press photos; background 2021 photo by Valentin Balan/Unsplash)

This year, which began with me unveiling a brand-new reality blurred site design, and went from an insurrection to vaccinations, ended up somehow going by fast yet still taking forever to do so.

During that time, I’ve published 303 stories, including this one, all of which I wrote except for three. Some of those were relatively quick updates, while my Amazing Race story was more than 17,000 words long (!).

As the year winds down, I took a stroll through the archives, and picked out 21 stories that stood out to me from 2021, from Survivor and Big Brother to Top Chef and The Real World Homecoming.

Most of these pieces are not single-show reviews—after all, I highlighted my favorite 2021 reality TV shows earlier this month—but reporting, interviews, and/or analysis.

What they have in common, I’d say, is that I learned something from reporting and writing them. I created reality blurred 21 years ago to collect links to fascinating stories, and in some ways, these pieces, many of which are in-depth investigations, are an extension of that.

Some of them celebrate reality TV, others critique it, but all are grounded in my belief that this genre can be great art and also help bring us closer together.

I hope they added to your enjoyment of reality TV, too, and I hope you enjoy either revisiting them or reading them for the first time.

Thanks for reading my stuff this year; for sending me tips, recommendations, and corrections; and for commenting and discussing reality TV with me.

Here’s to a great 2022 with lots of happiness, prosperity, and terrific reality shows and documentary TV for us all. Happy new year!

21 of my favorite reality TV stories from 2021

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