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Survivor David vs. Goliath recaps and behind-the-scenes stories

Survivor David vs. Goliath recaps and behind-the-scenes stories
Jeff Probst during Survivor David vs. Goliath episode 10, "Tribal Lines Are Blurred." (Image by CBS)

In my mind, the most-recent, last truly great season of Survivor is Survivor: David vs. Goliath, season 37, which aired in 2018 and was altogether enjoyable from start to finish, despite is ridiculous-sounding theme.

It gave us great players and characters including The White Lotus creator Mike White, wrestler John Hennigan, Gabby Pascuzzi, Angelina Keeley, Natalie Cole, Christian Hubicki, Davie Rickebacker, and Nick Wilson, plus moments ranging from blindsides to an evacuation, betrayals to a jacket request.

That season is now on Netflix, along with the outstanding Survivor Micronesia: Fans vs. Favorites.

I’ve collected together two lists: all of my recaps of the season, plus a list of behind-the-scenes stories. If you’re watching for the first time, start with the recaps, as the second list has some stories that reveal what happened.

Survivor David vs. Goliath recaps

Survivor David vs. Goliath recaps, including analysis of game play, Tribal Council votes, and everything else from Survivor season 37.

Survivor David vs. Goliath behind-the-scenes stories

While Survivor David vs. Goliath was broadcast, the cast and crew, including Jeff Probst, gave a lot of insight into what happened behind the scenes of Survivor season 37. Spoilers abound!

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