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The Real World: Los Angeles’ cast is reuniting, but not all of them

The Real World: Los Angeles’ cast is reuniting, but not all of them
The Real World logo in the title sequence for The Real World: Los Angeles

The Real World: Los Angeles cast is about to begin production on their reunion for the second season of the Paramount+ reality series The Real World Homecoming, 28 years after season two aired on MTV in 1993. The cast is now in their late 40s and early 50s.

Update, Oct. 8: Paramount+ confirmed the cast and location, and announced a premiere date. Details are below.

Real World Los Angeles cast
The cast of The Real World Los Angeles (Photo by MTV)

Earlier this year, in February, original cast member Irene Suttner wrote on Instagram, “I am looking forward to reuniting with my roommates soon!” That time has come, as both she and Beth Anthony posted Instagram photos late Sunday hashtagged with #mtvrealworld and #paramountplus. Jon Brennan posted an old photo with the hashtag “true story,” which of course is part of The Real World’s tagline.

The Real World: Los Angeles is notable for a number of reasons, starting with the eventual size of its cast: nine people members instead of the usual seven strangers. That’s because David was kicked out in episode seven, replaced by Glen, while Irene left after episode 11, which featured her wedding, and was replaced by Beth A.

The season also began with Tami and Dom driving across country in a Winnebago to pick up Jon in Kentucky, a road trip that inspired the MTV series Road Rules, which is also returning to Paramount+.

All of The Real World: New York cast members reunited for their season, which was filmed in January and aired this spring—though one of them, Eric Nies, had to appear via video only because he’d tested positive and had to stay in isolation.

Norman Korpi, Eric Nies, George Verschoor, Andre Comeau, Kevin Powell, Julie Gentry, and Jon Murray take a selfie during The Real World Homecoming: New York
Norman Korpi, Eric Nies, George Verschoor, Andre Comeau, Kevin Powell, Julie Gentry, and Jon Murray take a selfie during The Real World Homecoming: New York (Image from Real World Homecoming via Paramount+/MTV)

For The Real World Homecoming: Los Angeles, the reliable MTV spoiler PinkRose posted at Vevmo this morning that the cast started isolation on Aug. 11, and that “7 out of the 9 cast members” will reunite:

  1. Beth Stolarczyk
  2. David Edwards
  3. Irene Berrera-Kearns
  4. Jon Brennan
  5. Tami Roman
  6. Glen Naessens
  7. Beth Anthony

The report says that Dominic Griffin “may be making a guest appearance at some point.” The one cast member not appearing is Aaron Behle, who was a 21-year-old UCLA business student and surfer on the show.

His absence should be of no surprise to anyone who was a fan of The Real World, because he almost immediately fell away from the MTV orbit. I own the 1997 book The Real World: The Ultimately Insider’s Guide, and he’s the only LA cast member not interviewed. (Today, he’s the CEO of SALT, “a premium eyewear brand from coastal California,” and his Linkedin profile makes no mention of his time on MTV.)

He’s the opposite of Tami Roman, who’s had a significant career in reality TV since her time on The Real World, primarily becoming the breakout star of VH1’s Basketball Wives, but also appearing on shows from RuPaul’s Secret Celebrity Drag Race to Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars.

It’s unclear how long season two will film for, or where production will take place. Season one of The Real World: Homecoming filmed its six episodes over just six days in the original loft in New York City. The original Real World: Los Angeles house is in Venice Beach, at 30 30th Avenue, which is less than a block from the beach, and is still standing.

Updates: Real World Los Angeles Homecoming’s premiere date, and confirmed cast

The Real World Homecoming Los Angeles cast
The Real World Homecoming Los Angeles cast (Photo via Paramount+)

Update, Oct. 8: Paramount+ announced the premiere date, Oct. 24, and confirmed the cast:

  • Beth Anthony
  • Beth Stolarczyk
  • David Edwards
  • Glen Naessens
  • Irene Berrera-Kearns
  • Jon Brennan
  • Tami Roman

A brief teaser trailer shows an argument on a boat, though MTV said they will be living “in the same iconic Venice beach house from 1993.”

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