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The Mole season 1 recaps, reviews, and episode analysis

The Mole season 1 recaps, reviews, and episode analysis

“Mole, noun,” Anderson Cooper reads from a dictionary entry. “A spy. A double agent who establishes a cover long before beginning espionage.” With those words, and then the sound of wind whipping across the Mojave Desert, The Mole season one began in early 2001 on ABC. Ten players—Afi, Charlie, Henry, Jennifer, Jim, Kate, Kathryn, Manuel, Steven, and Wendi—had to figure out who among them was the mole, in order to avoid execution and win the pot.

While season one has always been on DVD, The Mole is now available to a much wider audience, as it’s streaming on Netflix in the United States, in advance of the show’s return for a sixth U.S. season, which will also be on Netflix.

Although I watched and wrote brief stories back in 2000, I did not recap The Mole, mostly because I didn’t write full recaps in the early years of reality blurred. So, I’m doing that now, 20+ years later. Recaps will be added to the list below as they’re written.

A note: During my Survivor re-watches I discussed the outcome of the season as part of the recaps, but I’m going to try not to do that here. While I don’t think a 20-year-old show can be spoiled, I also recognize that The Mole and its contestants were not as famous as Survivor’s first two winners, nor have they been discussed frequently since then. Also, the identity of the mole is integral to the experience of watching and playing along. I’ll do my best to focus on what’s in that episode, not what’s to come. I will, however, include occasional spoiler paragraphs at the end, so be vigilant if this is your first time watching. Whether it’s your first time or your 30th, enjoy The Mole!

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