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Big Brother’s first alliance has led to Mike Malin being found guilty of felony stalking

Big Brother’s first alliance has led to Mike Malin being found guilty of felony stalking
Mike "Boogie" Malin on Big Brother 14 (Photo by CBS)

The first alliance in Big Brother history, BB2’s Chilltown, which led to a friendship between Dr. Will Kirby and Mike “Boogie” Malin that extended into the all-star BB7, has resulted in Mike being found guilty of felony stalking over threats he made toward Will and his family.

The events began when casting producers for The Amazing Race 31—the season that featured pairs of CBS reality stars from Survivor, Big Brother, and The Amazing Race—asked them if they’d like to participate, and Kirby said no. A Request for Civil Harassment Restraining Orders [PDF], posted online by, explains it this way (errors are original to the document):

In approximately 2017 (or 2018) CBS contacted will and Mike to see if they would participate on another reality show called “The Amazing Race” as a team. Will declined and Mike became enraged because this meant he wouldn’t be on the show either. Mike sent disturbing text messages to will during this time, but Will blocked his calls and texts hoping that the problem would go away. And it did for a time.

Dr. Will Kirby and Mike "Boogie" Malin in the Big Brother diary room, pretending to call each other on the phone. This image is from a CBS slideshow that labeled them the show's "Best bromance" and "two of the show's most memorable Houseguests."
Dr. Will Kirby and Mike “Boogie” Malin in the Big Brother diary room, pretending to call each other on the phone. This image is from a CBS slideshow that labeled them the show’s “Best bromance” and “two of the show’s most memorable Houseguests.”

The petition contains 16 pages of evidence, including a timeline and summary of events, plus screenshots of text messages and e-mail, and was filed because, it says, “Malin bailed out and there is no protective order at this time. All protected persons are in fear for their safety.” It says that, “out of the blue, unprovoked” on Aug. 18, 2019:

Will received very threatening emails from Mike threatening the lives of his children at the school with a picture of Will’s daughter’s youth basketball team and a gun as well as language referencing schools, “target shooter”, the NRA (National Rifle Association), the 2nd Amendment, and recently murdered musicians.”

The petition says Will and his family went into hiding the next day. It includes incredibly disturbing images, such as a gun being held to a screen, pointed at images of Will’s wife and 6-year-old daughter. An e-mail message allegedly sent to Will’s brother Ian said, in part (I’ve redacted kids’ names; all errors are original):

To catch u up: i hid assets and made almost three million in crypto. I am set for life and I thought I have unlimited funds and yet I am unfulfilled. I want to make sure the Kirbys know me again. Are you ready?

I’m going to take [Will’s two kids’ names] and uncle boogie will repay all your kindness. I thank you for all your support. Do you want your kids involved? They can be. Will told me [Will’s son] was quite a swimmer so I mentioned we could do malibu. I’ll take him to the deep end and do the breast stroke. My specialty at UF as u remember. I will babysit the current. We wouldn’t want [Will’s son] to drown god forbid.

The restraining order application, which says Will immediately contacted the LAPD and eventually the FBI, includes text it says Mike wrote to a friend of Will:

“Will and his family are going to pay a hard lesson for the disrespect he showed me”

Another message said this (errors are original, though I’ve redacted kids’ names):

“We can discuss the point further when uncle Mike takes [Will’s kids names] for frozen yogurt. School starts next week. Ill be by to pick them up.”

Mike was arrested and charged with a felony in August 2019, and Us Weekly reports that Will “was granted a restraining order against Malin in September 2019. The 48-year-old dermatologist was granted an additional 10-year restraining order preventing Malin from coming near him, his family or any of the 66 LaserAway clinics” at which Will works as chief medical officer.

Mike Malin “initially pleaded not guilty after being arrested and charged,” but “withdrew his original plea and changed it to ‘nolo contendere,’ or no contest” and “waived his right to a trial by changing his plea,” according to Us Weekly. Now he “has been found guilty of felony stalking following his August 2019 arrest, according to court docs obtained by Us Weekly.”

Will’s attorney told Fox News, “On behalf of Dr. Kirby, we are grateful to the criminal justice system for holding Mr. Malin accountable for his actions. The crime of stalking is often underreported. There is absolutely no shame in asking for help and reporting troubling behavior. Dr. Kirby respectfully asks for privacy for him and his family at this time.”

His sentence, according to the report, includes:

  • two years of probation
  • three days in LA County jail
  • $70 in fees
  • 30 days in a treatment program
  • 160 hours of community service
  • giving up all firearms and not owning any in the future
  • $300 for restitution to the court
  • “an amount to be determined at a hearing” for restitution to Will Kirby

Last summer, Mike Malin said in a video posted online that “Chilltown is disbanded. I don’t speak to that other motherfucker. Not a good person. Not a good person at all.”

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