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Inside Pixar’s new batch, Unpacked, has a new narrator, W. Kamau Bell

Inside Pixar’s new batch, Unpacked, has a new narrator, W. Kamau Bell
A sketch of the Inside Out character Joy, and the final character design, as seen in the documentary series Inside Pixar (Image via Disney+)

Inside Pixar premieres its new season, “Unpacked,” Friday on Disney+, with a new narrator for this new batch of five episodes: W. Kamau Bell, host and executive producer of the Emmy-winning show United Shades of America.

Inside Pixar: Unpacked is a series of short documentaries that takes advantage of Pixar’s library and access to its filmmakers. The shorts are all directed by either Erica Milsom and Tony Kaplan, Pixar’s in-house documentarians, who’ve previous directed things such as the making-of films for Finding Dory and the 2007 documentary The Pixar Shorts: A Short History.

This batch of episodes includes ones that focus on Pixar villains, cars, and background characters. Here’s the new season’s trailer, followed by descriptions of all five episodes:

Inside Pixar: Unpacked’s episodes

Inside Pixar

The 15 episodes of Inside Pixar have each had a theme. For example, the third batch of episodes, which premiered in March, was “Foundations,” which had episodes such as “Creating Characters” and “Color, Light, and Emotion.” This season’s theme is “Unpacked,” with deep dives into various aspects of Pixar’s animated feature films.

Here are the episodes, with Disney+’s descriptions:

Unpacked: About Time
Director: Erica Milsom
How can the passage of time be utilized as a tool for emotional storytelling? Narrator W. Kamau Bell breaks down how time can becomes its own character in Pixar films, looking at period pieces such as Brave and the tearjerking passage of time in Up.

Unpacked: Everybody Loves a Villain
Director: Tony Kaplan
From Ernesto de La Cruz to Lotso to Hopper, foes of all shapes and sizes are essential to many of our favorite Pixar movies. But what makes a good villain? Narrator W. Kamau Bell digs into why we love to hate our favorite antagonists and what makes them so complicated.

Unpacked: The Squint Test
Director: Tony Kaplan
Pixar characters strive to strike a balance between realistic and caricatured. Narrator W. Kamau Bell explains how basic shapes and drawings influence the character design and story of favorite films such as Up, Ratatouille, and The Incredibles.

Unpacked: Inner Drive
Director: Erica Milsom
Beyond the world of Cars, vehicles of all kinds have made their mark throughout Pixar’s films. Jump in and go for a ride with narrator W. Kamau Bell as he cruises through some of his favorite Pixar planes, trains, and Incredibiles.

Unpacked: No Small Roles
Director: Tony Kaplan
Take a deep dive into the art of crowds animation. Each of your favorite Pixar characters live in worlds populated by fellow fish, cars, toys, and humans, but creating thousands of these fully animated background characters is no easy feat. Join narrator W. Kamau Bell in understanding how Pixar adds thousands of background characters into every film.

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