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Legends of the Hidden Temple, Guts, and other classic Nickelodeon shows now streaming

Legends of the Hidden Temple, Guts, and other classic Nickelodeon shows now streaming
A Legends of the Hidden Temple contestant assembles the silver monkey during the Temple Run part of the show, which is returning on Quibi.

Paramount+’s marquee series, The Real World Homecoming: New York, is perfect, but the rest of Paramount+ has been a tremendous disappointment.

While its advertising promised “a mountain of entertainment,” it’s still missing seasons five to 11 of The Real World, only has Drag Race seasons one to 10, and just only one season of The Amazing Race.

There is season one of Double Dare, labeled as Double Dare Classic, though the great new Double Dare that premiered in 2018 is nowhere to be found.

While Paramount+ would like us to believe it’s supposed to be the home for “ViacomCBS’ family of world-renowned brands and production studios,” but doesn’t even have a tab for VH1 shows. There isn’t even a watch-later feature!

Part of the problem was that Paramount+ was just CBS All Access being renamed. And ViacomCBS is keeping some series off the platform, in part so it can sell the streaming rights elsewhere, like Yellowstone. (Joe Adalian’s great story has details.)

The launch day press release did have a lot of language about how Paramount+ is a “growing content portfolio” and a library that will “continue to expand.”

Well, it expanded in an exciting way yesterday, with some early Nickelodeon reality competitions. But you wouldn’t know it from Paramount+.

Classic Nickelodeon series now on Paramount+

Nickelodeon Guts
Legends of the Hidden Temple

Among the eight classic Nickelodeon series that dropped on Paramount+ yesterday are my childhood favorites Hey Dude and You Can’t Do That on Television, plus Salute Your Shorts and Eureeka’s Castle.

Paramount+ has added the game show Nick Arcade, but I’m most excited about two 1990s-era competition series:

  • Legends of the Hidden Temple, a game show built around physical challenges, including a run into the temple to assemble that damn monkey. It was hosted by Kirk Fogg and produced by Stone/Stanley, which went on to produce The Mole in the United States. (It was going to come back as a series on the now-dead Quibi; I hope someone else buys it.)
  • Guts, which was kind of like a kid version of American Ninja Warrior, and concluded with its contestants running up the side of Aggro Crag, an obstacle course on the side of a studio-built mountain. It was hosted by Mike O’Malley and refereed by Moira “Mo” Quirk.

Guts’ motto was “Do you have it?” and thankfully, Paramount+’s answer is now: yes, but why would we let you know about that?

I learned about these additions from a Reddit post, not from a press release, nor from Paramount+ itself. (Update: The streaming service did tweet about the releases.)

While the shows are actually included in the “recently added” section—which seems like a small miracle considering what a disaster the interface is—they’re not promoted anywhere, and when I clicked on Nickelodeon, I had to scroll past 80 other shows before Legends of the Hidden Temple showed up.

Here’s where to find the reality competitions:

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