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Challenge All Stars cast: 22 OGs from Real World and Road Rules

Challenge All Stars cast: 22 OGs from Real World and Road Rules
The Challenge: All-Stars contestants, all of whom were cast members on earlier seasons of The Real World and Road Rules—and The Challenge (Photo by Juan Cruz Rabaglia/MTV)

Paramount+ has announced The Challenge: All Stars’ cast and its premiere date. The returning players will be competing for $500,000, and are “all old school” players, at least according to the show’s creator’s original concept.

MTV says the cast members are “twenty-two of the most iconic, boldest, and fiercest Challenge All Stars from the original Real World and Road Rules.”

While they come from the time when The Challenge actually drew its contestants from those two shows, unlike the cast of The Real World Homecoming: New York, they’re not exactly strangers to MTV.

The 22 contestants have had a combined 16 previous wins and been on 112 seasons. Only three of them appeared on a single season of The Challenge.

While they got their start on MTV, where The Challenge is one of the few shows that still airs in between hundreds of hours of literal ridiculousness, the new show will be on Paramount+. That’s ViacomCBS’s streaming service—which is simply CBS All Access rebranded, and a massive disappointment except for the new Real World, which is fantastic.

The nine-episode season premieres April 1, with new episodes released every Thursday. TJ Lavin is hosting, as always. Here’s its trailer.

The show was originally conceived of by Road Rules contestant Mark Long as a reply to a tweet last June, and turned into a “We Want OGs” social media campaign. Now, Long is one of the executive producers and contestants. (How exactly that works is unclear.)

The Challenge: All Stars cast

Mark Long, a contestant on The Challenge: All Stars, a show he also created and executive produces
Mark Long, a contestant on The Challenge: All Stars, a show he also created and executive produces (Photo by Juan Cruz Rabaglia/MTV)

Here’s the cast list for The Challenge: All Stars, along with their social media accounts and previous Challenge appearances, as provided by MTV.

Only one cast member is not on Instagram or any social media, which is a new thing for a reality TV star in 2021.

  1. Ace Amerson: 4 Challenges (Twitter / Instagram)
  2. Alton Williams: 4 Challenges, 1 win
  3. Aneesa Ferreira: 14 Challenges (Twitter / Instagram)
  4. Arissa Hill: 1 Challenges (Twitter / Instagram)
  5. Beth Stolarczyk: 7 Challenges (Twitter / Instagram)
  6. Darrell Taylor: 9 Challenges, 5 wins (Twitter / Instagram)
  7. Derrick Kosinski: 10 Challenges, 3 wins (Twitter / Instagram)
  8. Eric “Big Easy” Banks: 6 Challenges (Twitter / Instagram)
  9. Jemmye Carroll: 7 Challenges (Twitter / Instagram)
  10. Jisela Delgado: 3 Challenges (Instagram)
  11. Jonna Mannion: 5 Challenges (Twitter / Instagram)
  12. Katie Cooley: 9 Challenges, 1 win (Twitter / Instagram)
  13. KellyAnne Judd: 4 Challenges (Twitter / Instagram)
  14. Kendal Sheppard: 1 Challenge, 1 win (Twitter / Instagram)
  15. Laterrian Wallace: 3 Challenges (Twitter / Instagram)
  16. Mark Long: 6 Challenges, 2 wins (Twitter / Instagram)
  17. Nehemiah Clark: 4 Challenges, 1 win (Twitter / Instagram)
  18. Ruthie Alcaide: 4 Challenges (Twitter / Instagram)
  19. Syrus Yarbrough: 5 Challenges, 1 win (Twitter / Instagram)
  20. Teck Holmes: 1 Challenge (Twitter / Instagram)
  21. Trishelle Cannatella: 4 Challenges (Twitter / Instagram)
  22. Yes Duffy: 3 Challenges, 1 win (Twitter / Instagram)

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