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Finding Bigfoot is returning, but you’ll have to pay to watch

Finding Bigfoot is returning, but you’ll have to pay to watch
Finding Bigfoot cast members Ranae Holland, Matt Moneymaker, Cliff Barackman and James “Bobo” Fay, photographed while filming in Australia's Blue Mountains on May 22 , 2012. (Photo by Luis Enrique Ascui/Discovery Networks Asia)

The Animal Planet reality series Finding Bigfoot hasn’t aired a full season since 2017, and was officially cancelled after airing a special as its 100th episode in 2018.

The original production company, Ping Pong Productions, is returning, as are all four cast members:

  • Matt Moneymaker, president of Bigfoot Field Research Organization (BFRO)
  • James “Bobo” Fay
  • Cliff Barackman
  • Ranae Holland

They’re returning in Finding Bigfoot: The Search Continues, which is a “two-hour special” that will premiere on Feb. 8—but not on Animal Planet.

Instead, it’ll be only on Discovery+, the new subscription streaming service. Discovery has moved some of its popular reality shows to the platform from across its cable networks, and now it’s bringing back a beloved show but only behind the paywall. Clearly, they are investing trying very hard to get people to start paying them directly, either in addition to or instead of paying for cable.

What happens during the Finding Bigfoot special

Finding Bigfoot team, season one, Animal Planet
Finding Bigfoot cast members Ranae Holland, Matt Moneymaker, Cliff Barackman, and James “Bobo” Fay. (Photo by Paul Souders/Animal Planet)

Discovery+ says that in Finding Bigfoot: The Search Continues:

“…incredible reports from areas in Ohio and West Virginia prove to be too compelling for our investigators to ignore. Among other stories in this two-hour special, the reunited Finding Bigfoot team travels to a property in southeast Ohio that has been under surveillance for five years by BFRO investigator Bea Mills. The evidence has been building after the homeowner and his family has had several mysterious encounters over the years. Advancements in technology gives the team evidence that includes clean audio of Bigfoot vocalizations; detailed footprint casts with skin ridge details; and quality pictures by advanced cameras. As the team closes in on this active hotspot, they enlist the help of some highly specialized thermal vision drone pilots to get their own Bigfoot footage. 

As legend meets advanced technology to analyze compelling Bigfoot evidence, and with new gadgetry at their disposal, will Matt, Bobo, Cliff and Ranae finally prove to the world, once and for all, that these incredible creatures really do exist?

While this Finding Bigfoot return is just a special right now, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the show return if this does well. It’s inexpensive to produce, and offers near-endless possibility of wandering around in the darl.

Discovery also says the team will “once and for all prove the elusive Bigfoot exists” (they won’t), and asks:

As legend meets advanced technology to analyze compelling Bigfoot evidence, and with new gadgetry at their disposal, will Matt, Bobo, Cliff and Ranae finally prove to the world, once and for all, that these incredible creatures really do exist?

No. If they had, we’d already know.

I think the Finding Bigfoot team will find and move into a Jersey Shore rental house with Bigfoot before The Curse of Oak Island brothers find anything in all those holes they’re digging—which is to say, never—but I do think the show has value and isn’t useless.

While Finding Bigfoot’s actual editing always made it seem like a tiny noise was Bigfoot tearing the flesh off a camera operator, it did give attention to the one scientist on the team, biologist Ranae Holland, and Ranae’s skepticism.

Ranae was not just skeptical, but held the team to higher standards of proof than they might have otherwise gone with—at least judging by all the ghost shows where paranormal investigators are convinced they’ve encountered a spirit because they heard some static on their nonsense machines.

And a few years ago, Ranae offered an excellent answer for why the show is valuable.

Update, Sept. 6, 2021: Animal Planet aired Finding Bigfoot: The Search Continues on Sept. 6 at 9 p.m. ET, following the trend of Discovery moving its allegedly “exclusive” shows back to cable a few months after they’ve been on Discovery+.

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Saturday 2nd of April 2022

Re-name the show almost found bigfoots. Because half the cast never seen bigfoot, just listened to people's stories. Because they never leave town to actually go looking. So lame. And the kicker they give advice, like Mr cliff told me at a confrence you will never have a face to face encounter. Ya I have pictures of only being 25 feet away, and have seen over 25 bigfoot and photograph 13 so far. So omg, get rid of these posers. It's the same as the travel chanel. Bigfoots don't chase you out of the Forrest, they will observe you. And some times will whistle, but never do they throw rocks, and chase you out of the Forrest, if you pursue them they run out of the area. Do not belive tv. It's all a garbage. And if your lucky enough to see one they always travel in groups, and they all don't look human, some straight up look like monsters, so be prepared. And understand there is beauty in everything. Tim northidahosquach


Wednesday 23rd of March 2022

I, myself, would not ever pay to watch this program. There is another program with bigfoot researchers I prefer. I am concerned with this particular program, Finding Bigfoot, because I think it encourages people to do out into the forest and to mimic what these 4 actors are doing - and I believe that is potentially dangerous. I have had several Bigfoot encounters in my lifetime, and I have two friends who have seen Bigfoot face to face at close range. Bigfoot are nothing to trifle with. Believe me. My last encounter nearly sent me to the hospital, as I experienced what can best be described as infrasound from a Sasquatch nearby; I sensed I was being asked to leave the area by one, but I wanted to stay so that I could have a face to face encounter. Had I not left, I am certain my chest would have exploded -- and as soon as I started to drive away, the pressure and pain in my chest subsided. I was very fortunate. I also felt ashamed I had not left when I sensed that the Sasquatch was politely asking me to. I will not ever make that mistake again. Curiously enough, I did not feel afraid, but as the sensation intensified in my chest I felt apprehensive. People who have been in close contact with Sasquatch have described a similar physical reaction, and scientists have evidence supporting that infrasound can cause physical symptoms such as the one I experienced. It is possible to experience organ damage with sustained infrasound. A reputable researcher reported to me that there was a person who died within 6 months after an encounter with a Bigfoot. So if you decide to go looking for an encounter, just be mindful that Bigfoot have been in our forests long before we ever came to this Country and it is their territory - they are truly the Kings of the Forest. Respect them and their space. If you desire an encounter, don't try to mimic Matt Moneymaker, Cliff, Bobo, and Renee. Just go out with some friends and camp and just hang out naturally - and if there are Bigfoot in the area, trust me - they will find you. And if your gut instinct tells you to leave, then just leave. Remember we know so very little about Sasquatch -- but too many people have seen them so we do know they exist. They are physically massive. So stand in awe and be thankful if you have an encounter. But also respect their space and their wishes - and know your small place in this universe.

Christian Betterly

Monday 7th of February 2022

Huge fans Especially my five year old son he eats sleeps plays everything Bigfoot he’s watched almost every episode anytime we got off he’s on the look he’ll leave trails of stuff for big foot he says !


Friday 28th of January 2022

When are you coming back?


Tuesday 7th of December 2021

I am an avid watcher of this series. I find it quite interesting. However, it seems to me that when any of the cast tries to mimic a bigfoot sound, it sounds more like a siren or a pitiful animal, that lasts a lot longer than an actual Bigfoot roar. It certainly does not sound like Bigfoot. It's no wonder Bigfoot doesn't answer. I am sure there are actual recordings of the Bigfoot roar they could use while investigating. All it takes is a VERY loud recording of the sound. I watched an episode today & at the town meeting, a resident played a recording of what an actual Bigfoot sound. During this episode, and all previous episodes, a cast member did what they thought to be a Bigfoot sound. Actually, it sounded like an emergency vehicle's siren. That sound coming from the team would probably get a lot of dogs barking. I know it got my dog barking when he heard it while watching the episode. So, please, try to use a more perfect sound. Better yet, make a copy of the recording from that resident who actually did capture a Bigfoot sound.


Monday 20th of December 2021

@Diana, I have always thought the same thing...STOP being so darn LOUD! lol Maybe then they would find one?