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Survivor Cagayan: season 28 recaps and behind-the-scenes stories

All 40 of Survivor’s seasons are available to stream on CBS All Access, but Netflix’s addition of two seasons—Survivor Cagayan and Survivor Heroes vs. Villains, both of which are among the show’s best seasons ever—has introduced the show to a much wider audience.

Survivor season 28, also known as Survivor Cagayan: Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty, was a season that split its cast into ridiculous tribes but also gave us Tony, Spencer, Kass, Woo, Tasha, and other strong and memorable players, plus the Spy Shack, Cops-R-Us, and a quit that didn’t make host Jeff Probst mad.

During Survivor Cagayan, which originally aired in the spring of 2014, I recapped the show every week, and also reported on some interesting behind-the-scenes details—like the origin of the Tyler Perry super hidden immunity idol. I’ve collected those recaps, analysis, and stories here, so you can read along as you watch or re-watch season 28.

Survivor Cagayan recaps

Survivor Cagayan behind the scenes

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