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Temptation Island’s 4 new couples, 24 singles, and premiere date

Temptation Island’s 4 new couples, 24 singles, and premiere date
Mark L. Walberg awaits Temptation Island cast members at a season-one bonfire. (Photo by Mario Perez/USA Network)

Temptation Island is returning for season two on USA Network in October, and is moving to a new night.

The network just announced its premiere date and the 24 single people, having previously revealed the couples who’ve decided it’s a good idea to spend a month in Maui apart, surrounded by attractive single people who are very possibly better options than their current partners.

Season two will actually be Temptation Island’s fifth season overall (there were three previous seasons on Fox). It premieres Oct. 10, airing Thursdays at 10, a change from its Tuesdays at 10 timeslot earlier this year.

The new season will have 12 episodes, including a reunion special, and of course, it’ll have Mark L. Walberg as host once again.

Will it have the same earnestness, with its cast members really desiring true connection more than reality TV fame? Did watching season one affect the couples who applied, since they saw every possible scenario play out? Can the show remain dramatically thoughtful instead of becoming dramatically trashy?

In its renewal announcement earlier this year, USA pointed out how successful the revived series was after just over a month: it became the top cable show for people 18 to 34 in its timeslot, and also kept growing its audience, which is exceedingly rare.

Temptation Island’s new couples

Here are the four new couples, along with bios from USA Network that describes their pre-Temptation Island relationship. Following these four is a list of the 24 singles and their bios, also from USA.

Ashley Howland and Casey Starchak
dating 1.5 years, DeLand, Fla

Ashley Howland and Casey Starchak, one of the four couples on Temptation Island.
Ashley Howland and Casey Starchak, one of the four couples on Temptation Island. (Photo by John Tsiavis/USA Network)

“It was love at first swipe for Ashley and Casey when they met on a popular dating app a year and a half ago. Self-admitted Florida party boy Casey was only looking for a casual fling, but found way more than he bargained for with sweet Ashley and they have been together ever since.

Recently there have been some dark clouds in the Sunshine State. The couple, who recently moved in together, struggle with trust and commitment issues: Ashley has been burned before and is weary of Casey’s party boy past, meanwhile Casey doesn’t want to pay the price for other men’s mistakes and often thinks about the single life he left behind. 

Ashley and Casey believe that if they can survive Temptation Island, their previous deeds and mistrust can be left firmly in the past and they can move forward with total confidence. Can they swipe right on a future together?”

Ashley Godson and Rick Fleur
dating on and off for four years, Boston

Ashley Godson and Rick Fleur, one of the four couples on Temptation Island.
Ashley Godson and Rick Fleur, one of the four couples on Temptation Island.

“It’s been four years with incredible highs and heartbreaking lows for Ashley and Rick. The couple knew that they had something special on their very first date and the sparks have been flying ever since…except for when Rick lights up flirty conversations with other women behind Ashley’s back. 

Rick says that he loves Ashley, but he grew up in a strict home and feels that now in adulthood he can finally let loose and have fun…even if it may be at Ashley’s expense. Ashley tries her best to ignore his “playful” ways because she strongly believes that they are meant to be together – but how much can she truly take? 

The couple is heading to Temptation Island to determine if Rick is really ready to commit to Ashley – and if she is willing to accept Rick for who he actually is, wandering eye and all?”

David Benavidez and Kate Griffith
dating three years, Hoboken, New Jersey

David Benavidez and Kate Griffith, one of the four couples on Temptation Island.
David Benavidez and Kate Griffith, one of the four couples on Temptation Island. (Photo by John Tsiavis/USA Network)

“Rival sales executives quickly turned red-hot lovers, Kate and David have been in a relationship and living together for 3 years. They both have been faithful to each other throughout their relationship, however, their pasts include dark bouts of infidelity so smoldering, mistrust is always right below the surface for these two as they contemplate a life together.

Kate is a few years older than David and is eager to begin the next chapter – marriage, kids, family life, etc. However, David, despite how much he loves Kate, has some of his walls up and is hesitant to be vulnerable and take that massive next step into the future.

Will a stay on Temptation Island get them on the same page before the book closes on this relationship?”

Gavin Rocker and Esonica Veira, one of the four couples on Temptation Island
Gavin Rocker and Esonica Veira, one of the four couples on Temptation Island. (Photo by John Tsiavis/USA Network)

Gavin Rocker and Esonica Veira
Dating just over one year, Decatur, Georgia

“As her 30th birthday approaches former beauty pageant queen, Esonica, claims she is ready to get engaged to her charming and athletic boyfriend Gavin, but he is fumbling at the thought of making that life-long commitment. Gavin has admitted to infidelity in the past, and says that he truly loves Esonica, but he can’t skate on thin ice for the rest of his life based on past mistakes. Family is important to both of them and they want to make things work, but Esonica needs to determine if the man she fell in love with is really her forever king. Can she ever truly get over his cheating past and start fresh? Gavin, on the other hand, needs to decide if he is ready to say yes to a lifelong commitment.

The two are depending on Temptation Island to show them if this love can make it to the finish line or if their romance is officially out of bounds.”

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Temptation Island’s 24 singles

These are the 24 single people who will be split by sex and then live with the four people who’ve been separated from their partners, possibly tempting one of those coupled people to leave their partner:

Aden Twer, 27, regional sales manager, Philadelphia, Penn.

“Aden prides himself on his loving personality, his great head of hair and rock-hard abs! His parents are still married after 30 years and Aden is hoping hell be lucky enough to follow in their footsteps with a love he finds on Temptation Island!”

Alex Angell, 27, operations coordinator, Fullerton, Calif.

“Alex wants to bring a nice girl home to mom and dad and fully believes that love can strike at first sight! Loyalty is key for this California boy, who has been cheated on by every single girlfriend he’s ever had—but all of that heartbreak has not made him give up hope! Could his Mrs. Right be on Temptation Island?”

Ben Knobloch, 25, site supervisor for a security company, Phoenix

“Ben has had plenty of attention from the ladies, but he is over casual flings and is looking for the real thing. He’s a veteran who grew up with 3 sisters, so he claims to understand what women want. The self-proclaimed jack of all trades, master of none is ready to pull out all the stops to impress the ladies on Temptation Island.”

Chris Grant, 32, special education teacher, Bronx, New York

“Chris is super ambitious, goal-oriented and always on the go. He needs a partner who can keep up with him and his fast-paced NY lifestyle! The special education teacher has had relationships in the past that didn’t work out because he and his partner were never going at the same speed. Will he find someone he can sync up with on Temptation Island?”

Chris Novak, 27, mergers and acquisitions consultant, Austin

“Chris has good looks, brains and success and is now searching for his partner in crime. The Texas native was president and valedictorian of his high school class. His demanding work schedule has kept him for getting serious with women in the past, but he is ready for all of that to change on Temptation Island!”

Deac Conti, 25, e-commerce entrepreneur, Naples, Fla.

“This mama’s boy may be a funny guy, but he’s serious about finding love. Deac’s former girlfriends all met the love of their lives after their relationship with him ended, so he is hoping to break that streak once and for all and finally find his perfect match on Temptation Island.”

Dominique Price, 29, entrepreneur, Marina Del Rey, Calif.

“This bachelor wants to meet the right woman to enjoy all the sun and sand in California alongside him. Dominique is proud of his success and always encourages people to be the best version of themselves. He says that he knows how to treat a woman right  will there be a lady on Temptation Island who agrees with him?”

Etay Aroshas, 24, model, Voorhees, New Jersey

“Etay is a former Israeli Defense serviceman with chiselled abs and a soft heart. He really wants a big family one day, but first needs to meet the right woman. Currently a beauty supply salesman, he is hoping he can sell one of the ladies on Temptation Island on making him their partner for life.”

Jose Rodriguez, 25, restaurant owner, Sherman Oaks, Calif.

“Full of energy and laughs, Jose is ready to start the party on Temptation Island! A natural leader, Jose speaks his mind and wants to meet someone who is wifey material. Will Jose find what he’s looking for on the island?”

Kalaan “KB” Brown, 36, realtor, Long Beach, Calif.

“Towering at 6’5″, KB has always stood out in the crowd and with the ladies. However, he has yet to meet the one for him  someone loyal, supportive, and ambitious with similar values. He wants to venture onto Temptation Island to learn more about himself and, hopefully, meet the woman who will stand by him.”

Kareem Thomas, 27, financial consultant, Queens, New York

“This former pro basketball player knows how to compete and is ready to get what he wants on Temptation Island. Hes had some hard breakups in the past, but is he ready to try and find true love again? Will he score a new lady love?”

Shawn Evans, 30, general manager of a fitness company, Boise, Idaho

“This rodeo-loving country boy is ready to lasso his forever woman.  A former college athlete, Shawn is ready to start a family of his own and is hoping that his boyish good looks and cowboy charms will attract the right woman on Temptation Island!”

Colleen Powers, 22, program manager, New York City

“A Baltimore native, Colleen made her way to New York City after college to take full advantage of what the Big Apple has to offer. When she’s not at work she is hitting the bars with friends, going to museums, or enjoying a new restaurant. While she enjoys having fun, Colleen is over the casual New York style relationships and is ready to find something that is real and stable.”

Darby Dowdell, 30, fashion designer, Atlanta

“Darby is a divorced Atlanta-based fashion designer who is ready to find love again. A self-described southern belle she has spent most of her life competitively riding horses and she wont let anyone stand between her and what she wants. Darby feels that this experience on Temptation Island will get her back in the saddle to potentially find the love of her life.”

Kari Nesheim, 29, administrative assistant, Collingswood, New Jersey

“This Jersey girl is ready to take on Temptation Island and keep the party rocking! Working as a legal assistant by day, Kari loves to flirt at night yet she really does want to find her one, true passionate love.”

Medinah Ali, 30, podcaster, Atlanta

“After recently turning 30, Medinah is done with the dating scene and wants to get serious with her perfect partner. Shes from the South but is hardly a stereotypical Southern Belle; you wont find her doing all the cooking and cleaning at home, she wants an equal partner who can keep up with her sass and spunk!”

Melisza McPherson, 21, model, Sunrise, Fla.

“She is only 21, but Melisza claims that she is more than ready to settle down. She loves to be the center of attention and the life of the party and is looking for a man who can handle all of the energy that she brings to the table!”

Mia Metcalf, 26, model and retail manager, West Allis, Wisc.

“Mia is a hopeless romantic who always tries to find the good in everyone she meets. She grew up in a small town in the Midwest and believes that there is a big new world out there for her. She loves getting attention from men, but cant wait to meet the right man for her—could he be waiting for her on Temptation Island?”

Payton Burgess, 23, bartender, Greenville, South Carolina

“Payton loves to think of herself as the girl next door: southern, sweet and charming. She currently works as personal trainer and bartender, but she aspires to go back to school to pursue a career in social work. Payton knows that her good qualities make her a catch, but she still hasn’t found that man she can connect with on every level. She is hoping that by coming to Temptation Island shell be able to find the one guy that she can get serious with.”

Rachel Hamel, 25, swimwear designer, New York City

“Rachel is a no-nonsense swimwear designer who is looking for a man that can keep up with her NYC pace. When she’s not designing swimwear, Rachel is hitting the town with her friends. Rachel has a flirtatious side and she is unapologetic when it comes to men. She knows what she wants out of life and what she wants her future to be, and she is ready to find the guy that will be her ride or die.”

Sam Harb, 26, model agency owner, Henderson, Nevada

“Sam is a straight shooter who doesn’t waste her time playing games. Definitely an alpha in her relationships, Sam needs a man who can handle her self-confidence with a smile. Sam has her career right where she wants it—all that is missing is her perfect partner. Could that person be on Temptation Island?”

Samantha Hoffman, 29, flight attendant, Tampa

“Samantha recently got out of an 8-year relationship, but isnt letting that break up hold her down. She is ready for the next  and hopefully final  love of her life and believes that Temptation Island might just be the ticket to her happiness.”

Toneata Morgan, 23, model and entrepreneur, Los Angeles

“Former Miss Oregon USA, Toneata is a successful entrepreneur who loves to be glam, but can also rough it in the great outdoors. She is looking for a man who will support her business aspirations and be a true partner. Will her Mr. Right be waiting for her on Temptation Island?”

Tracy Ly, 29, paralegal, Chino, Calif.

“This California girl knows how to lay down the law and get what she wants. She says she is over the LA dating scene and is ready for the right man to come along. A self-proclaimed cool girl, Tracy is ready to show the men on Temptation Island what they’ve been missing.”

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