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Is Food Network Star returning? Why haven’t you covered Big Brother spoilers?

Is Food Network Star returning? Why haven’t you covered Big Brother spoilers?
Giada De Laurentiis and Bobby Flay during a Food Network Star season 14 challenge at the Aquarium of the Pacific (Photo by Michael Moriatis/Food Network)

Is Food Network Star dead? The new season usually starts in mid-June and there’s no news… —anonymous

Food Network Star introduced us to Guy Fieri, Aarti Sequeira, Damaris Phillips, and Aaron McCargo, Jr., among others, but you’re right, we’ve heard nothing about the show so far this year.

Season 15 should be airing right now, or at least, it would be if it was going to follow the same pattern as it has for years now. But there’s been zero news about the show from the network, and The Great Food Truck Race moved into Food Network Star’s Sunday at 9 p.m. timeslot.

I asked Food Network’s head of media relations, and did not receive an answer.

Tweets asking hosts Giada De Laurentiis and Bobby Flay about the show haven’t been answered, as far as I can tell.

All of this suggests the show is not coming back—and there’s more evidence, too. As Food Network Gossip reports:

“JS Casting, which is the casting company that has cast seasons 3-14 of Food Network Star, still has the season 14 application on the website, and there are no signs of a season 15 application.  So, it isn’t clear if they ever cast season 15 of the show.

Giada De Laurentiis and Bobby Flay usually post things on social media when they are filming Food Network Star, which is usually in March, but there were no Food Network Star postings on their social media this year in that time frame.

Who knows if all this information means Food Network Star has been canceled, but it definitely isn’t airing at its normal time. It also seems that the show hasn’t been cast or filmed.”

Considering all that, it really seems like there will be no new season of Food Network Star in the summer of 2019.

In the future, though? Who knows! With so many reboots and so many cancelled shows coming back—like this cancelled Food Network series, which just returned—I would not be surprised to see it back in the future.

While I really enjoyed it in its early years, and it could be a lot of fun sometimes, the show changed constantly. Just browse my coverage of Food Network Star to see news and my reviews about its different iterations.

In recent years, it basically dumped its conceit; the winner did not even get a pretend show on Food Network. At best, they’d show up as a judge on one of Food Network’s other competition series, which is now how Food Network uses its stars.

For example, its 2017 winner, Jason Smith, had previously won the Holiday Baking Championship, and then went on to judge Best Baker in America.

Ultimately, Food Network Star—which was once called The Next Food Network Star—became just another one of the channel’s cooking competitions, although potentially a more expensive one, since it frequently left the studio for challenges at various locations.

It’s too bad to see it go, because it clearly produced some actual Food Network Stars. Maybe it’ll return one day and do that again.

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What about the BB21 cast rumors?

BB21, Big Brother 21, BBUS season 21

In the past I really enjoyed your scoops before the Big Brother season starts. It seems that some of the Big Brother coverage has slowed down some, and I miss it. I would be curious to know what you are hearing about the possible BB21 cast, and what you expect. I know there is supposedly a possible couples season, but it is unknown if that is true. Personally, I think that would be a horrible idea. Thanks for all your articles over the years. —Jade

I’ve written nothing so far this season because, well, I have nothing to report yet on this season!

Neither, it seems, does CBS: After teasing some news on Sunday, they finally revealed on Monday that next Monday would be the cast reveal. Sigh. (And triple-sigh: They’ve once again hired Jeff Schroeder as the show’s defacto spokesperson, even though CBS had to disavow his homophobic comments in the house after he went on a weird rant about kids being around gay adults, and had previously used anti-gay slurs while on the show.)

On social media, there’s a lot of Big Brother misinformation and noise, and none of it seems worth amplifying. Plus, even though I do my best to report accurately and do my due diligence, I’ve screwed up once before, so I know first-hand how prevalent and believable false information can be.

When we do have information—from CBS, or from reliable sources—I’ll definitely write about it and analyze it. But in the meantime, I’m not going to get myself worked up over the idea of awful couples returning if that’s just something someone made up and isn’t going to happen. (Though I do agree: it’s a terrible idea.)

In general, I cover things when I think they’re important or if I have something new to say, and I really haven’t experienced that much with Big Brother recently.

Big Brother has pretty much locked itself into one way of casting/producing the show, and it’s just not that interesting to me any more, especially when producers layer on twists and advantages and returnees. Plus, the format tends to send strong players home early and leaves the annoying people.

I hope that changes this year for BB21. As always, here’s hoping for a great season!

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