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When The Real World is returning, and which three seasons you can stream now

When The Real World is returning, and which three seasons you can stream now

After a two-and-a-half-year break, we finally have a date for when The Real World will return for season 33 this summer.

This new season, which filmed in Atlanta, won’t be on MTV, nor on television, but instead, be streaming on Facebook Watch.

While Facebook originally announced that the show would premiere in the spring, it filmed from March through May, and won’t premiere until next month, and it’ll be streaming all summer.

MTV The Real World on Facebook Watch
The new Facebook Watch logo for MTV’s Real World

Specifically, the season will premiere June 13, a Thursday, and a new episode will premiere every Thursday.

The cast has not yet been announced, but because they were filming in Atlanta, the seven cast members have been identified.

Facebook is not (yet?) calling this The Real World: Atlanta, even though this is the first time the show filmed in Atlanta, and every other season except the first had a subtitle. Most were named after their cities, but in later years, as the show spiraled out of control, seasons were named after their ridiculous twists.

Here’s what Facebook does say—i.e., not much:

“This season, seven strangers from wildly different backgrounds come together at a house in Atlanta, Georgia as every moment of their lives is taped as people stop being polite… and start getting real.”

Three Real World seasons are now available to stream on Facebook

Real World San Francisco cast
The cast of The Real World San Francisco (Photo by MTV)

Earlier this spring, Facebook let its users vote on bringing back three seasons, and those are available to stream as of noon ET today.

Facebook forced people to pick one season out of a group of three, and gave each group a pointlessly reductive category, which doesn’t give me a lot of hope for how they’ll frame this new season.

The results are disappointing—at least for me, as a fan of early Real World.

Given the option between the original season, San Francisco (with Pedro and Puck and everyone else), and Austin, viewers chose Austin. Between London, Key West, and Ex-Plosion, they chose Key West. And given the choice between Los Angeles (the first season I watched in full), Las Vegas, or Portland, they chose Portland.

In other words, given the chance to bring back an early, classic season, viewers picked something else each time. Alas!

Here are the seasons streaming now, along with MTV/Facebook’s descriptions of them:

  • The Real World Austin, season 16, 2005: “Viewers were entranced with Danny falling in love with Melinda at first sight; then shocked when he tried to defend his hot-headed housemate, Nehemiah, outside a bar and almost lost an eye; and then saddened when cameras captured him getting the call from his dad that his mom had died. Rachel, the Iraq war vet, had major issues with Neheimiah; and cocky fratboy Wes liked collecting ladies’ numbers but had his heart set on Peruvian roommate, Johanna.”
  • The Real World Key West, season 17, 2006: “It is ominously telling that the season kicked off with the cast being evacuated by Hurricane Katrina– because this season was a constantly swirling storm of drama and hijinks – and its ultimate force of nature reality-star-in-the-making personality was irrepressible, charming, outrageous life-of-the-party prankster Johnny ‘Bananas’ who would become one of the most popular Real World alums of all time on The Challenge. Whether they were dealing with hurtful gossip and ‘burn books,’ bravely facing therapy, or confronting each other’s work ethics when they are tasked with running a tanning salon, these colorful roommates made their escapades into edge-of-your-seat viewing. Other cast fan-favorites from the season are Paula Meronek and Tyler Duckworth.”
  • The Real World Portland, season 28, 2013: “In addition to the usual roommate bed hopping, conflicts and secrets; this season features a cast member leaving early and another housemate, Nia, who is ‘quite possibly the most outrageous in Real World history’ and reportedly uses ‘psychological and sexual warfare’ against a fellow cast member. Nia doesn’t enter the picture until episode 4, but the scene stealer seriously changes the game.”

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