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The Challenge: War of the Worlds cast, airdate revealed, along with its anarchy-themed logo

The Challenge: War of the Worlds cast, airdate revealed, along with its anarchy-themed logo

MTV has announced the next season of The Challenge, which is titled The Challenge: War of the Worlds.

Season 33 is moving to a new night, and as I reported last fall, the show will include cast members from many different reality shows, including two Big Brother winners.

Instead of an “A” in “War,” the show’s logo uses a spray-painted version of the symbol for anarchy, the circle-A. I wonder if MTV is purposefully signaling that this season will explore the socio-political ramifications of anarchism and the idea that it can be a form of societal order, or if someone just thought it was a cool design, bro.

An MTV press release does not refer to anarchy, and describes the season this way:

“Thirty-four competitors from around the globe will battle their way through the most grueling, physical and mental challenges for their share of the $1 million prize. New rules will unfold, alliances will be rehashed and surprising twists will arise in the grittiest, most hardcore season ever.

The new seasons premieres Feb. 6, airing Wednesdays at 9. That’s a change from Tuesdays.

The Challenge: War of the Worlds cast

The cast of The Challenge season 33 is split between people who’ve previously been on the show (“veterans”, and new players (“prospects”).

There are still two fewer veterans than prospects, possibly because other people will join the show as a surprise.

Here’s the cast, via MTV, which identifies the returnees by the season of the Challenge they appeared on, even though some might still be best known for other shows, like Big Brother:

The Veterans

  1. Amanda Garcia, 5th Challenge
  2. Ashley Mitchell, 4th Challenge
  3. Cara Maria Sorbello, 13th Challenge
  4. CT Tamburello, 15th Challenge
  5. Da’Vonne Rogers, 2nd Challenge
  6. Hunter Barfield, 4th Challenge
  7. Jenna Compono, 7th Challenge
  8. Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio, 18th Challenge
  9. Kam Williams, 3rd Challenge
  10. Kyle Christie, 3rd Challenge
  11. Leroy Garrett, 10th Challenge
  12. Nany Gonzalez, 6th Challenge
  13. Natalie Negrotti, 3rd Challenge
  14. Paulie Calafiore, 2nd Challenge
  15. Wes Bergmann, 11th Challenge
  16. Zach Nichols, 8th Challenge

The Prospects

  1. Alan Valdez, Telemundo personality
  2. Ashley Cain, Ex on the Beach UK
  3. Chase Mcnary, The Bachelorette
  4. Dee Nguyen, Geordie Shore
  5. Georgia Harrison, Love Island
  6. Gus Smyrnios, Floribama Shore
  7. Joao Paulo Andrade, Ex On The Beach Brazil
  8. Josh Martinez, Big Brother
  9. Julia Nolan, Big Brother
  10. Liz Nolan, Big Brother
  11. Mattie Lynn Breaux, Party Down South
  12. Morgan Willett, Big Brother
  13. Natalie Duran, American Ninja Warrior
  14. Shaleen Sutherland, Bachelor Canada
  15. Stephen Bear, Geordie Shore
  16. Theo Campbell, Love Island
  17. Turabi Camkiran, Survivor Turkey
  18. Zahida Allen, Ex on the Beach

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