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BB20’s Bayleigh: “I did conceive a little baby. But unfortunately … I had a miscarriage in the jury house”

BB20’s Bayleigh: “I did conceive a little baby. But unfortunately … I had a miscarriage in the jury house”
Bayleigh Dayton during the Jury Battle Back competition. Bayleigh revealed that she had a miscarriage while in the Big Brother jury house. (Photo by Sonja Flemming/CBS)

Newly engaged Big Brother 20 cast members Bayleigh Dayton and Chris “Swaggy C” Williams conceived a child during their time in the BB20 house, but lost it to a miscarriage while Bayleigh was in the jury house.

The two told the story in a video titled “A Swayleigh Pregnancy Talk.” While they didn’t address pregnancy rumors in interviews after the finale, Swaggy posted an image to Instagram that included a note from Bayleigh that confirmed her pregnancy.

In the new video, Bayleigh says, “During our time in the Big Brother house, I did conceive a little baby. But unfortunately—and we don’t know why—I had a miscarriage in the jury house.”

“It’s something we’re still figuring out. We actually just got a chance to talk to each other about it for the first time today,” she adds. “We were both really excited when we found out, and we were both really upset when we found out we lost it.”

She also said that “people saying he only proposed because I’m pregnant thing—that’s hurtful, so stop.”

That’s an excellent reminder—including to me—to not make assumptions, especially about personal things for which we have limited information.

Swaggy reiterated that he proposed because of their relationship, not her pregnancy—and he knew of the miscarriage at the time of the proposal. “I did it because I love her,” he says.

“We were so excited to have a child, like literally. I was getting updates on her every week, maybe two times a week, to make sure she was all right,” he added.

“Going through that process and creating a child but also losing a child with her, made me realize that this is my girl and I’m going to marry her. I don’t care that we’ve only been together for 23 days.”

Bayleigh was pregnant while HOH

Bayleigh Dayton, Chris "Swaggy C" Williams, Big Brother 20, BB20

Bayleigh Dayton and Chris “Swaggy C” Williams during the Big Brother 20 finale. (Photo by Sonja Flemming/CBS)

One of the more memorable moments from her time in the house involved a fight between Bayleigh and Tyler, and in the video, Bayleigh says, “Just to clear the air: I love Tyler.”

She explains:

“I know you guys saw a crazy, hysterical fight, but I actually found out the day before I was placed on the block by Angela that I was pregnant, so I was going through so many more emotions than you guys would have even known. I couldn’t talk to anybody about it. The whole house didn’t even know.

So all my crazy hysterical crying—I guess I have an excuse for it. But it probably would have happened regardless, because the house is crazy, so I’m not blaming it on the baby at all. But I just was experiencing a lot more in my life than I knew about.”

Swaggy points out that “she won an HOH comp pregnant, she was playing the game pregnant,” and turning to Bayleigh, says, “that makes you stronger though, does it not?”

Bayleight “We did get pretty close even though weren’t able to talk to each other at all. We’ve had things that have broughten us closer together than people could even imagine.” “There’s no question about it.”

“This is a serious thing. This is my real life. All games aside, Big Brother was a game, and none of that was personal, but this was very personal to me. I kept it to myself.”

Watch their video here:

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