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RuPaul’s Drag Race’s new Messenger bot will give you life

RuPaul’s Drag Race has created a Facebook Messenger bot, and it includes an incredibly in-depth archive of the show’s 12-season history—and will be updated with everything from GIFs to episode results during the 10th season, which debuts tonight.

It’s called “Sissy that Bot” (what else?) and you can add it to Messenger by going to

It’s so terrific that I’m giving it an enthusiastic, try-this-right-now recommendation even though we’re in the middle of “the biggest crisis of Facebook’s existence” (here’s why) when it might be a better idea to delete Facebook than to give it even more personal data to misuse and sell.

The part of Sissy that Bot that really blew me away was “The Drag-O-Pedia,” which a press release said was “a complete database of information on ALL seasons,” and they are not kidding.

Choose a season, then episode, and you’ll get a GIF and summary of each challenge—and if the challenge involved performances, there will be links to videos.

And there are these equally amazing features:

  • Typing (or clicking from the main menu) “Get A GIF Girl” will generate a random GIF from the show.
  • “Queen Ru-lette” pulls up a bio and GIF for a random queen, and will give more information, such as the answer to “What did she LSFHL?”
  • You can also just type a queen’s name in—and if you can’t spell it, well, you’ll still get a reply.
  • Typing in or choosing a season brings up a menu with the queens, challenges, judges, and all the lip syncs.

The bot feels like being inside the show, and has lots of Drag Race attitude, with links and responses all written in the show’s and/or drag’s vernacular. For example, I typed in “season 5 episode 2” to see if the bot could just pull that up, and the response I received was this:

Mm, child. That’s pretty specific.

All our Season 5 information is in the menu below.

Swipe fast, and don’t break a nail ?

Also included are “bot exclusive social videos, quizzes, contests and polls,” according to a press release, plus “hidden easter eggs.”

All of this works as promotion, sure, but it’s also an incredible resource and a lot of fun, and something more shows with passionate fans should create.

As to who created it, I’m not sure who’s responsible for it, though links redirect through, which calls itself “The trusted platform for building bots on Messenger.”

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