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A new home page, a way to avoid FOMO, and an awkward plea for your money

A new home page, a way to avoid FOMO, and an awkward plea for your money
This dog and its fake glasses may have just seen reality blurred's new home page. (Photo illustration by Karen Arnold

Happy Friday morning, everyone! Recently, I’ve heard from more than a few readers who’ve said they’ve missed this story or that story—which is understandable. There’s a lot of online content in our lives, and our content consumption is increasingly controlled by algorithms that pretend they know what you like, and hide things from you.

You can make sure you avoid FOMO by signing up for my free weekly newsletter, which is a weekly e-mail directly from me to your inbox that highlights the stories I’ve written and the things I’m working on.

Another way I’ve tried to make sure that you see stories that matter to you (and me!) is by redesigning reality blurred’s front page.

I’ve taken your feedback from the end-of-the-year survey and made changes, which I’ve been tweaking over the past few weeks, also based on your informal feedback.

The new home page has:

  • summaries for all stories, not just headlines and photos, so you have a better sense of what it’s about. (This was a highly-requested feature!)
  • a list of the most-recent stories, in reverse chronological order—kind of like a blog.
  • one or two big featured stories—usually, the biggest stories of the past few days, which will be highlighted on the top left.
  • on the top-right, a few more featured stories. Often, these will be stories from the past week or two that seem important enough to let them linger. I may also use this space to highlight stories from the past that have new relevancy because of, say, some breaking news.
  • a “from the archives” box, which is the last thing on the page right now, but will move higher up the page on weekends and slower times, and will have different themes—like, say, shows you should check out on Netflix. Right now, it’s highlighting in-depth behind-the-scenes stories I’ve reported. With almost 18 years worth of stories—15,000+ so far—in the archives, there’s a lot you may have missed, and also many stories that remain relevant but that have been pushed out of sight.

As always, I welcome your feedback, and will continue to try to make reality blurred as excellent as possible. Comment below or e-mail me if you have thoughts or bug reports.

Here’s the awkward transition to asking for money: If you like the new home page, or like what you’ve been reading, or if you like being annoyed at what you’ve been reading, and you are not yet a patron, maybe today is a good day to start?

Just go here to sign up. As advertising revenue declines (even as ads get more annoying), your support is more vital than ever to helping cover expenses and keep reality blurred free for everyone.

If you can join us today at the $5 level or higher, I’ll send you more than just one reality blurred sticker, because I know that will make your life complete. Seriously, though: Any amount for any length of time is helpful, and I am so eternally grateful to those who have been patrons—whether they started last summer or last month.

You can also just give directly, if that’s preferable to Patreon. And even if you can’t give, I totally understand.

I write here not to make money, but to share my love of reality TV with you, and look forward to continuing to do that.

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