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The Cornelia Marie is returning to Deadliest Catch, which returns in April

Cornelia Marie Captain Josh Harris, right, will return for Deadliest Catch season 14, after not being on season 13. Northwestern Captain Sig Hansen, left, will also return. (Photos by Discovery)

Deadliest Catch season 14, which starts April 10, will include the return of the Cornelia Marie, which was excluded from season 13 by the production and network.

The Time Bandit, which has been on every season since season 2 and is captained by Johnathan Hillstrand and Andy Hillstrand, will not be on season 14. Johnathan Hillstrand supposedly retired at the end of last season, but he has been fishing this season. Here’s why he’s not retired.

Deadliest Catch will air Tuesdays at 9 starting April 10, and be preceded that night with its 200th episode, which will air live.

Last year, Discovery told me that the Cornelia Marie could be featured in a future season, and that’s obviously happened, with Josh Harris returning as co-captain with Casey McManus. A press release seems to suggest that the absence from the show was an absence from fishing: “But after a year away, does Josh still have what it takes to command a vessel on the Bering Sea?”

Also featured this season, besides the Cornelia Marie: