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The Bachelor Winter Games premieres, and other reality shows starting this week

Chris Harrison talking to the Bachelor Winter Games cast in their lodge. (Photo by ABC)

As Olympic athletes from around the world unite in competition and celebration of the sports they love, reality stars will compete for viewers’ attention on behalf of their networks.

Big Brother Celebrity continues (this week, episodes air Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday), and is joined by The Bachelor Winter Games. It will air only four episodes, on Tuesdays and Thursdays this week and next.

The show is like Bachelor in Paradise, with two major differences: the location (snowy Vermont) and the cast (which includes 14 people who’ve appeared on international versions of the show). They’ll compete in challenges and compete to hook up with each other.

Also debuting this week are two new series:

Feature documentaries airing this week

  1. Atomic Homefront (HBO, Monday, Feb. 12, at 8) follows “a group of moms-turned-advocates in St. Louis” who “mobilize to get answers from corporations, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other government agencies.”
  2. Do Not Resist (PBS, Monday, Feb. 12) explores “the rapid militarization of the police in the United States,” according to POV.
  3. Word is Bond (Showtime, Friday, Feb. 16, at 10) “explores the transformative power of lyrics in the world of hip-hop,” according to Showtime, and “illustrates the many dimensions that hip-hop poetics occupy, examining the writing process, inspirations behind the music and why lyrics are so important to the artists as well as the hip-hop masses.
  4. The Pulitzer at 100 (Starz, Monday, Feb. 12, at 9) focuses on journalism’s highest honor, which has been around for a century.