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A note about Survivor Ghost Island’s two-hour premiere

Survivor Ghost Island's cast participates in a challenge during episode one. (Photo by Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment)

The Survivor Ghost Island cast of very young superfans started chasing ghosts of Survivors past tonight, dealing with new rules Jeff Probst has implemented to help alpha-male providers last longer in the game.

For the first time in the longest time, I’m not watching a Survivor premiere live—in fact, I don’t even have access to a TV today. The timing was accidental, but I’m trying to disconnect for a few days, and recharge my brain, so I won’t see this two-hour premiere until next week.

I am looking forward to it, though! Changes aside, if we must have idols and twists, I like the idea of revisiting ones that didn’t work. The production design for this season is also incredibly striking, especially that voting booth with eyes of fire.

I’ll look forward to seeing the episode and reading what you thought about it. Comments are open below for you to discuss!