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The Gong Show is looking for acts, including kids ages 9+

The Gong Show has been renewed for a second season, which means it needs new acts to be called “cheeky monkey” by host Tommy Maitland, aka Mike Myers—and then gonged or scored by celebrity judges, all to win the prize of $2,000.17. (I assume that’ll be increased to $2,000.18 this year.)

The second season is scheduled to film in May, and the ABC series wants “wonderfully unpredictable, strange, weird, odd, one-of-a-kind and original acts.”

That includes acts with kids ages 9 and up who are “super talented or have an incredibly unique skill,” or families who have acts together.

One requirement is that potential acts give themselves a name, but they don’t have to be polished videos—after all, this is the Gong Show:

“Keep in mind that videos do not have to be professional or highly-edited. We would much rather see an unedited performance that shows off your fun and one-of-a-kind personality and act.

[…] Think back to the original Gong Show, with classic acts like The Unknown Comic and Gene Gene the Dancing Machine. Be loud and proud and tell us your big headline title!”

An open casting call is being held in L.A. March 24, but applications and videos can be submitted online at

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