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137 Survivor votes have been cancelled by 40 hidden immunity idols, and other data

Jeff Probst with a hidden immunity idol played during episode 9 of Survivor season 35.

Over 35 seasons of Survivor, 39 hidden immunity idols—and one advantage that acted as a vote-cancelling idol—have been successfully played during Tribal Council, cancelling a total of 137 votes.

But that is not all of the idols that have shown up in the game or at Tribal Council, because that list ignores “all players that failed to cancel out a single vote against them (e.g. everyone in Cagayan),” according to True Dork Times, which published the data. 20 additional idols were played that had no effect.

That’s just some of the fascinating information published by Jeff Pitman in his site’s updated box scores, which total idols held, idols played, and votes voided, and ranks contestants by that data. It’s updated through season 35, Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers.

Kelley Wentworth, for example, holds the record for most votes voided at one time, and the most votes voided in her entire Survivor career. Russell Hantz is number two in both categories, though he’s tied with Jenn Brown for #2 in number of votes voided in one play.

Browse the Survivor immunity idol data here: