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Survivor Ghost Island’s cast of ‘superfans,’ average age 28

Survivor Ghost Island’s cast of ‘superfans,’ average age 28
The Survivor Ghost Island cast (Photo by Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment)

CBS has announced the cast of Survivor Ghost Island, which was mostly identified last summer after production concluded.

They are not, thank Probst, organized into tribes based on arbitrary criteria. They are, however, fans of Survivor, according to Jeff Probst, who called them “one of the biggest group of superfans we’ve ever had” and says that’s key for Ghost Island because the twist “requires you to really understand Survivor.”

That’s because those on Ghost Island will discover “a haunted graveyard of unfortunate choices made by former players”—advantages that they can try to play more effectively than those who previously used that advantage.

The first person introduced as a superfan is Stephanie, who says “I read the blogs, I listen to the podcast.” (Which one of the roughly 17 million Survivor podcasts is the podcast?)

The cast is, as we already knew, quite young. Although age is just a number, this cast’s number averages 28.

The Survivor Ghost Island cast

Here are the cast members and CBS’ version of their jobs.

Naviti tribe (purple)

  1. Angela Perkins, 42, Cincinnati, Ohio, Army veteran
  2. Chelsea Townsend, 24, Salt Lake City, Utah, EMT
  3. Desiree Afuye, 21, Newark, N.J., student
  4. Kellyn Bechtold, 31, North Manchester, Ind., career counselor
  5. Morgan Ricke, 29, New Albany, Ind., marine animal trainer
  6. Bradley Kleihege, 26, Haslett, Mich., law student
  7. Chris Noble, 27, Florida Keys, male model
  8. Domenick Abbate, 38, Nesconset, N.Y., construction supervisor
  9. Sebastian Noel, 22, Melbourne, Fla., fishing guide
  10. Wendell Holland, 33, Philadelphia, Pa., furniture designer

Malolo tribe (orange)

  1. Jenna Bowman, 23, Detroit, Mich., account executive
  2. Laurel Johnson, 29, Philadelphia, Pa., financial consultant
  3. Libby Vincek, 24, Houston, social media strategist
  4. Stephanie Gonzalez, 26, Ocala, Fla. via Puerto Rico, graphic sales
  5. Stephanie Johnson, 34, Boise, Idaho, yoga instructor
  6. Brendan Shapiro, 41, Herndon, Va., physical education teacher
  7. Donathan Hurley, 26, Phelps, Kentucky., caretaker
  8. Jacob Derwin, 22, Merrick, N.Y., music teacher
  9. James Lim, 24, Los Angeles, business analyst
  10. Michael Yerger, 18, Knoxville, Tenn., real estate agent

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