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Bachelor viewer data: how they watch, what they think of Arie and the cast

Arie Luyendyk Jr. and the cast of The Bachelor season 22 during their first cocktail party. (Photo by Paul Hebert/ABC)

After the premiere of The Bachelor season 22, I wondered why people watched even though its relationships usually fail. I had a theory, and so did many of you.

While we don’t have an empirical answer to that question—and undoubtedly, it’s different for each person—there is new data about viewers who watched the premiere.

Branded Research conducted a scientific study of 507 people who watched the season premiere, and sent me their findings. Here are some highlights of what they thought.

What viewers think about bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr.:

Why viewers think women go onto The Bachelor:

  1. fame (35.2 percent)
  2. true love (20.9 percent)
  3. money (17.7 percent)
  4. to escape from their real life (10.6 percent)
  5. to get free travel (8.1 percent)
  6. to make friends (7.5 percent)

Here’s a piece of data that may affect the way you read that list: 26.7 percent of those surveyed want to be on The Bachelor themselves.

How people watch 

Of those surveyed, 40.8 percent “never miss an episode,” Branded Research said. And here’s how they felt when they watched:

Just about one-third watch alone (32.1 percent) and another third watch with a romantic partner (30.9 percent), while only 11.6 percent watch with friends.

And 77.8 percent of viewers do something else while watching, including eating (15.2 percent) and looking at the Internet or their phones (17.3 percent).