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New ways to support reality blurred, and 56 thank yous

Your support helps keep the lights on, and definitely fuels my fire. (Photo by Greg Montani)

This year will always be a memorable one for me, because it’s the year many of you responded to my call for help and did so with your hard-earned money. I couldn’t be more grateful!

That’s because there’s a true crisis in publishing, with advertising revenue declining as ads themselves get worse. (I hate those bad ads that hijack your mobile phone and redirect away just as much as you—and worse, they’re a difficult-to-stop plague that website owners like me can do very little about.) I don’t have a staff or a suite of offices, but I do have expenses. And as a writer, I also think writers and artists should be well-paid for their work!

I do realize that not everyone can become a patron, or wants to use Patreon, so by frequent request, I’ve added a few more ways to support the site.

There’s one major new option: I’ve created a PayPal Me link so those of you who asked for a way to send one-time contributions. It does require a PayPal account, alas.

But you don’t even have to send money! You can help me out just by shopping on Amazon by clicking this link first, which changes nothing for you but sends me a few cents in referral fees.

There are other ways, too, and they’re all aggregated on this new page.

Thanks for your support via these new methods, and just by reading these words—and all the words I write that aren’t about asking for money!

Please help me thank these 56 people

I can’t end this year without expressing my eternal gratitude goes to the 56 people who are reality blurred‘s current patrons.

They are currently helping make this site possible for everyone. (If you’d like to join them, learn how here.)

Instead of typing “thank you” 56 times, here are their names, so you can send them thanks:

  1. Karen
  2. Meredith
  3. Jennifer
  4. Grant
  5. Vicky
  6. Kia
  7. Gwen
  8. Ruth
  9. Kim
  10. Don
  11. Rebecca
  12. Chuck
  13. Cortney
  14. Denise
  15. John
  16. Jay
  17. Heather
  18. Clark
  19. Shaun
  20. Cathy
  21. Stephen
  22. Kevin
  23. Pam
  24. Katherine
  25. Linda
  26. Lyzz
  27. Melissa
  28. Sophia
  29. Helen
  30. Anthony
  31. Patrick
  32. Annette
  33. Stacy
  34. Kristen
  35. Peter
  36. Brent
  37. Darrel
  38. Deborah
  39. Betsy
  40. Gerri
  41. Michael
  42. Jim
  43. Mamie
  44. Matt
  45. Tommi
  46. David
  47. Barbara
  48. Jeff
  49. Doug
  50. Matt
  51. Jolene
  52. Robert
  53. Diane
  54. Kristina
  55. Scott
  56. Donna