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My lingering gratitude, and how to get bonus reality blurred gifts

Before the calendar turns over from the month of gratitude to the month of glorious consumerism in the name of gift-giving, a brief thanks to the 55 people who’ve given me a huge gift by being the first to step up to support reality blurred and my writing.

I am so grateful to all of you. And a special thank-you to Donna Fernandez for being the most recent person to become a patron.

If you’re in the gift-giving mood and your credit card is warm, feel free to enter those numbers here and join our family of supporters.

I cannot imagine anyone is becoming a patron just for a sticker, but here’s a special December offer: Anyone who pledges $5 or more gets an exclusive reality blurred sticker, perfect for a laptop, cell phone, or forehead.

Become a supporter this month, and I’ll throw in some extra stickers. The more you pledge, the greater the number of stickers I’ll throw in with your thank-you note. (I love writing those thank-you notes—it’s a nice offline, real-world connection.)

As always, even if you can’t subscribe, I’m grateful to you for reading—and to all of you who reached out with congratulations last week for my latest life event.

It’s been fun being on this journey with you over the past 17.5 years. With your help and support (and money!), I’ll be able to keep doing this work for years to come.