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Halloween treats for these 12 awesome people. Will you be 13?

Happy Halloween! It’s a day to dress up as a Handmaid or another pop culture reference, go to your neighbors’ house, and demand free things. So it’s the perfect time for me to ask you for money!

But it’s an even better time to say thanks for those of you who’ve generously dropped treats into my plastic pumpkin, a sentence I meant to be sentimental about my childhood trick-or-treating but just sounds wrong as I wrote it. But I digress.

Twelve new patrons joined us this month, and I’m so grateful to each of them:

  1. Clark Wilcox
  2. Heather Haines
  3. Annette Smith
  4. Betsy Furman
  5. Michael Horn
  6. Gerri Scheiderlein
  7. Grant Thompson
  8. John Glynn
  9. Jay Converse
  10. Deborah Monroe
  11. Kristen Slaughter
  12. Denise H.

Please help me thank them, and if they come to your house, give them extra candy.

And there’s still time to become lucky #13—if you want to join the growing list of reality blurred patrons, or just want to get your own exclusive reality blurred laptop sticker, you can learn more here.


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