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A second show for My Cat from Hell’s Jackson Galaxy: Cat vs. Dog

Jackson Galaxy on an episode of My Cat from Hell. (Photo by Animal Planet)

Jackson Galaxy, the star of Animal Planet’s My Cat from Hell, will star in a new and very similar series for the network, Cat vs. Dog, on which he and dog trainer Zoe Sandor try to figure out dog and cat conflict in homes.

The new show is produced by Magical Elves, the company behind Top Chef and other series, and debuts Nov. 11.

I’ve confirmed with Animal Planet that this will not replace My Cat from Hell, which will continue as usual.

I’m glad for that; My Cat from Hell is a show I sometimes get sucked into watching, learning about what mistakes I might be making with our cats. I do think it should probably be called something like My Owner is an Asshole, because whatever is happening with the cat is usually not the cat’s fault.

I assume we’ll see more of the same owner malfeasance in the new series, on which Animal Planet says that Jackson Galaxy and Zoe Sandor will “provide support, direction, key insight and much needed help to families seeking to establish peace between dogs and cats in turbulent homes.”

Here’s how the network describes it:

“In each episode of Cat vs. Dog, Jackson and Zoe meet pet owners and witness first-hand the dog and cat behaviors negatively impacting their home life. Jackson and Zoe determine the behaviors that need to be addressed by both humans and animals and then they create a long-term plan so cats and dogs can live happily together. Their plans include daily routines and procedures to be carried out over several months with the goal of conflict resolution to create a home where cats and dogs can get along.

[…] Throughout the season, Cat vs. Dog reveals some of the most tumultuous situations both Jackson and Zoe have ever encountered.  Some of the cases this season include: a couple unable to move their relationship forward because their dog and cats can’t stand each other; best friends whose living situation is threatened if their cat and dog can’t get along; a terribly divided family of four, each with a different opinion on who is at fault in the contentious relationship between their beloved dog and family cat; and an owner whose solution to her three dogs terrorizing her cats is to build a rooftop cat sanctuary complete lawn chairs and a library for her own enjoyment.”