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This new show is probably Gordon Ramsay’s next Kitchen Nightmares

This new show is probably Gordon Ramsay’s next Kitchen Nightmares
Gordon Ramsay on a lifeguard's ATV during Masterchef's "Feeding The Lifeguards" episode. (Photo by Fox)

“Gordon is very much the face of our reality brand, and has been for a very long time,” Fox’s Dana Walden said at TCA on Aug. 8. She added, “He’s an iconic FOX personality. He’s got a big out of the box personality. His shows have done so well for us. There’s so much commitment from our viewers to Gordon, and we have a few different things in development with Gordon right now, and conceivably, you could see something new in the not too distant future.”

That “something new” is very likely a new restaurant makeover show that sounds a lot like Kitchen Nightmares, except with renovations and makeovers taking place in just 24 hours.

The show is now casting on the web site, which says the new show will film in September and describes it like this:

“Our world renowned Restaurateur has helped restore countless restaurants in the U.S. turning them into global successes. We are looking for all types of restaurants and owners that need our help. … In Just 24 hours, our expert will work to renovate and restore your restaurant getting it back on track!”

So who is that “renowned Restauranteur,” with a capital R and everything? As the web site Kitchen Nightmares Updates first noticed and published, the “Apply Now” button has a curious URL:

The F Word, which aired this summer, is Gordon Ramsay’s latest Fox show, and its casting web site has a similar look and feel, although it actually has Ramsay’s picture and name on it.

A 24-hour renovation show for Gordon Ramsay

I can add another piece of evidence that Gordon Ramsay is the mysterious Restauranteur:

The production company for the new show is Bright Road Productions, and the site’s privacy policy says its “affiliates include” All3Media America, LLC, where Gordon Ramsay’s production company One Potato Two Potato is based, and which produces Masterchef and Hotel Hell, among other shows.

I cannot imagine them partnering with another chef for such a similar show.

Kitchen Nightmares Updates—which is an excellent resource and basically a massive fact-check for the claim that Kitchen Nightmares turned restaurants into “global successes” (spoiler: nope)—also notes that Ramsay recently said in an interview that he was working on a new show.

Ramsay told The New York Daily News, “The biggest demand over the last four years is for Kitchen Nightmares (to come back) and what I am putting together is a return of something magical.”

He also called his new show “Way, way, way better than ‘Kitchen Nightmares,’ but along those lines.”

That show was cancelled in 2014; the show was so Fox-ified that it lost most of the magic from the UK version, Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, and eventually degenerated into embarrassments like this.

The site Kitchen Nightmares Updates says that 56 of 77 restaurants featured on the show had closed. Perhaps the new show, which will spend even less time on its restaurant makeovers than Kitchen Nightmares did, will be more successful.

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