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Survivor Ghost Island’s very, very young cast revealed

(Photo illustration by Alexandra)

The cast of Survivor Ghost Island, which will be Survivor season 36 and air next spring, has been revealed, and it is a group of very young people. There are all new players, however, with no returnees.

Inside Survivor has published the names and biographical details of the cast, which includes, ironically enough, a recent college graduate who frequently writes about Survivor for Inside Survivor, Jacob Derwin. (There is one person missing from the cast list, according to the site.)

Of the contestants:

By comparison, the last all-newbie season, last fall’s Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X, had eight people in their 20s, six people in their 30s, four people in their 40s, and one person in his 50s. One was 18.

It may be a one-season aberration, but Survivor has historically been much better at casting a diverse range of people than its summertime sibling, Big Brother. (Here’s the raw Survivor data.)

The average age of the 18 contestants whose ages are known is 27.2—that’s 10 years younger than the average age of the Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance cast.

The Survivor Ghost Island cast, by age, and other details

Ghost Island definitely is the name of the new season: Casting director Lynne Spillman, who was recently nominated for an Emmy in the first-ever reality TV casting category, posted a photo on Instagram from the Fiji set, in front of a massive version of the logo, which has a skull on it.

A photo Jeff Probst posted shows that tribe colors include orange and purple.

Production concluded in Fiji last week, I’ve independently confirmed, so the cast has recently returned home.

Here’s Inside Survivor’s list of the 19 cast members, which I’ve sorted by age.

  1. Michael Yerger, 18
  2. Desiree “Des London” Afuye, 21
  3. Jacob Derwin, 22
  4. Sebastian Noel, 22
  5. Jenna Bowman, 23
  6. Libby Vincek, 24
  7. James Lim, 24
  8. Chelsea Townsend, 25
  9. Bradley Kleihege, 25
  10. Stephanie “Stephy” Gonzalez, 26
  11. Donathan Hurley, 26
  12. Morgan Ricke, 29
  13. Laurel Johnson, 29
  14. Chris Noble (exact age unknown; he’s in his 20s)
  15. Kellynn Bechtold, 30
  16. Wendell Holland, 33
  17. Stephanie Rae, 34
  18. Domenick Abbate, 38
  19. Brendan Shapiro, 41